OP-ED: As Biden Sends the Country to Hell in a Hand Basket, What Are Your Best Opportunities To Stay Safe?

BearFotos / shutterstock.com
BearFotos / shutterstock.com

For years, doomsday preppers and survivalists have been made fun of for their incessant training and stockpiling of weapons and food. As the COVID pandemic of 2020 and beyond showed us, the American government wouldn’t step up to take care of the average citizen despite their promises to.

While things degraded with President Trump in office through the liberals in the House and Congress, we began streamlining toward DEFCON 5 with President Biden in office. Given his aggressive relationship with China, continued Russian aggression, and North Korea testing their missiles and rockets on a monthly basis, we as a nation need to be ready for when the shit inevitably hits the fan, and it’s not going to be easy. Here are the top things you need to know to stay safe

Location: Given the historical attacks on large cities and ports, this is one of the biggest threats to the American people. With sizeable cities dotted across the country, widespread missile silos that could be targeted, and ports along the coasts, there is a limited timeframe to escape and get safe in time. Relocating to a more remote environment can help keep your family safe.
Survival Training: Many people believe that they will always have ways of communicating with the outside world. Cellular, internet and even telephone communications are delicate and easily knocked out. This means help can quickly become nonexistent, so being trained in food gathering and preparation, first aid, and self-defense can make or break any mission to stay alive.
Survival Supplies: While things like storable food and water are given necessities, many underscore how much they need to have. Having just 3-5 days’ worth isn’t enough. A solid six-month supply is more than enough to keep a family fed and can provide bartering materials should the need arise. Cash (or gold), ammunition, precious metals, and a balance of potable (clean but not necessarily palatable for cooking and drinking) and non-potable water for bathing or other things can be invaluable.
Medical Training: A basic Heimlich Maneuver and CPR course and certification is great for Friday night down at Casa Bonita. If Uncle Fred chokes on a taco or has a heart attack you can help clear the airway, but it won’t do the trick when someone slips down a 20 ft cliff face.
Medical Supplies: Bones break, wounds get infected, and poisonous food is accidentally ingested. These are simply facts of life, and they can be painful and even downright deadly if not attended to quickly and properly. This means keeping things like medication, first aid kits, splints, and surgical instruments on hand. If forced to escape to a remote area lifesaving help can be hours or days away, being prepared to last that long is critical.

To many, the threats being brought upon by President Biden are nothing more than smoke and mirrors, but they are very real. While the average American can do little to stop the nation from collapsing, we can be prepared for it. Relocating to places like the high desert of Western Colorado, the remote hills of Western NY outside Buffalo, or the rolling landscape of the Dakotas might look promising, but they each come with their own set of challenges even though they have the right remoteness and other advantages.

Getting training from other survivalists in your area or full courses from places like Sheepdog Response can be the difference between life and death. The instructors in courses like these are often former Special Forces operatives and Delta Force agents. These brave men have forgotten more about survival skills than most people can hope to learn. Yet, they are willing to share it, and the financial investment now sure beats the feelings of regret when Biden rolls out the red carpet for China to come shut it all down.