Joe Manchin to Be Replaced by a Republican?

Rachael Warriner /
Rachael Warriner /

If you haven’t noticed, Democrats pretty much everywhere are in a bit of a lurch. And no, I’m not just talking about woke liberals who are now being boycotted. Hell, even moderate ones who often vote red, like Joe Manchin, are finding themselves in the crosshairs.

This comes to us as more and more polls begin to gauge the atmosphere that will be the 2024 election, both presidential and congressional.

One in particular spells out some rather bad news for West Virginia’s leading Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

If you know much about Manchin, it’s likely that he’s not your typical Democrat. For starters, he doesn’t always vote along party lines. In fact, on many occasions, he’s been known to vote with the Republicans, even on big issues such as nixing the filibuster and legislation that would have added massive government spending.

As such, he’s been a Democrat that his constituents could at least tolerate and even like as a person. But as his party shifts farther and farther to the political left, that tolerance is wearing thin. Sadly, for Manchin, his demise is one of mere association with the sinking Democratic ship and the Biden administration.

According to a recent poll by East Carolina University’s Center for Survey Research, Manchin is now being cast aside – and for a Republican, the state’s current Governor, Jim Justice. Justice leads Manchin by 22 points.

To be clear, no one should really be surprised that his state, one of the reddest in the nation, is looking for a red-leaning senator. Some would say that it’s a near miracle Manchin was allowed to win in 2018, let alone hold on this long.

Then again, things have changed a bit since he won his last election.

As I mentioned, the Democratic Party isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when they stuck for the little guy, the blue-collar worker. As a result, West Virginians are looking for a different kind of leadership, one that not only gives them a voice but won’t be capable of helping out the liberal left on the Senate floor.

Sorry, Manchin…