What Carlson Says Hunter Should Be Charged With

KLYONA / shutterstock.com
KLYONA / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t heard, Hunter Biden’s investigation, trial, and sentencing by the Department of Justice is all done, as in finished and complete, likely to never be looked at again. You might have missed it because, unlike when Donald Trump was arrested, prosecuted, indicted, and put on the stand, there were no handcuffs, perp-walk, FBI raids, or press conferences. Not even a felony.

But that is just the beginning of the major differences between the two cases – and no, that doesn’t mean just because the two were charged with different crimes.

On Monday, it was announced that Hunter, President Joe Biden’s wayward son, had agreed to what can only be called a hell of a sweetheart deal. In exchange for pleading guilty to two tax evasion charges, as well as a firearm possession felony, he would serve zero days in prison and only have to pay minimal fines.

As I said, it’s a hell of a deal, considering this is a man who, as I just said, committed a federal felony by having a gun and quite literally sold out his country and his father’s time for years on end.

As Tucker Carlson recently noted, had this been a Republican or Trump associate, the entire book would have been thrown at Hunter. That’s what’s being done to Trump and for charges that Biden, Hunter, Obama, and Mike Pence have also been known to do.

Of course, Biden’s DOJ can’t let Hunter get off with nothing. So a slap on the wrist will suffice. And it will lend to their narrative that what Trump ends up with will be deserved and “fair.”

But as Carlson says, it also proves just how two-tiered our justice system has become in recent years.

He explains that if Hunter should have been accused of anything, it was a Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) violation. Just like what its name implies, it requires that if you’re an acting foreign agent, you must register as such.

And Hunter most certainly acted as such without registration. But somehow, he’s not being charged with it like several of Trump’s associates have been.

The system is broken. And if we hope to restore actual justice, we have to get rid of Biden’s administration.