Humans Did NOT Come from Monkeys

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There is a common belief worldwide that human beings somehow came from monkeys, as they are one of the few other species to have things like opposable thumbs and walk on two legs rather than four.

This belief is backed up by the existence of ape-like fossils believed to be upwards of 37 million years old and that the two species have very similar DNA.

However, there are several problems with this theory.

First is that, even if you do believe in evolution and that the world has been in existence for millions of years, it’s important to know that monkeys and apes are not the same thing.

The science of evolution claims that monkeys and humans do have some things in common. And this is because we supposedly had a common ape ancestor. From this ancestor, the two species evolved differently, much like cousins from the same grandparents.

And that leads us to the second problem.

Evolution may, in fact, exist, as a species may change some of its physical characteristics or adapt to better survive in an ever-changing world.

However, conservation biology field experiments show that for any species with a body larger than around 7 pounds, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, for them to evolve before they go extinct. In fact, over half of the mammal species that existed at the time when humans came into existence have gone extinct, and none of them first evolved into a new or different species.

This means apes and monkeys are descendants of apes and monkeys, just as humans are only descendants of humans. And that means we were all created.

That also explains why humans are the only living or extinct creatures to be so unique. We alone are spiritual beings. We alone invent and use symbols to communicate. No other species has the agility and hand-eye coordination we do. We alone ponder the universe and our future.

If we had come from apes, as evolution suggests, you’d think at least one other species would have at least one of these unique characteristics. And yet, they don’t.

As Genesis declares, God created us humans, and all the other species are subordinate.