Montana Pulls Out of ALA Because It’s Unconstitutional to Support a Communist Leader

Kateryna Onyshchuk /
Kateryna Onyshchuk /

The Montana State Library has formally voted to withdraw its membership in the American Library Association (ALA), citing the communist ideology of the ALA’s current President.

The Montana State Library correctly argues that it is a violation of its members’ oath to the US Constitution to serve an entity like the ALA, which is led by an avowed Marxist like President Emily Drabinski.

Anyone who is concerned about the communist assault on children in America, which includes “Drag Queen Story Hour” and graphic gay pornography in the toddler section of every library, should know that this filth can be traced directly back to the ALA.

Montana State Library Commissioner Tom Burnett stated that the ALA should be notified in writing that “Our oath of office and resulting duty to the Constitution forbids association with an organization led by a Marxist.”

Well, of course, it does. Far too many Americans have forgotten this important doctrine. An oath to uphold the Constitution for public office is violated immediately if any public servant swears allegiance to any other form of government, whether it be communism, Islamism, Fascism, global warming, or Pride month.

Bozeman parent Cheryl Tuskman stated, “I think this is a really good move to send a really clear signal to our national organizations that we are not in agreement with the direction they are taking these organizations.”

This move by the Montana State Library follows on the heels of the Montana School Boards Association withdrawing from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) last year. When the NSBA became alarmed at parents who were rightly upset about all of the radical homosexuality, transgenderism, cross-dressing, and genital mutilation surgeries that they were pushing on elementary students, the NSBA whined to the FBI to label parents as domestic terrorists.

The FBI eagerly complied because that’s what the secret police in a communist state do. They go after the enemies of the communist state.

Both the Montana Family Foundation and the ImagineIF Library from Kalispell, MT, praised the decision to withdraw from the ALA. Both organizations say that the ALA has injected critical race theory and “wokeism” into every level of public education while spending parents’ tax dollars to teach their children to hate America.

In addition to the ALA President Emily Drabinski, the current ALA Director Deborah Caldwell-Stone is also an avowed communist who hates America even more than Mike “Not My Concern” Pence. Caldwell-Stone’s communist antics have been described in detail by the Gateway Pundit and other conservative news outlets.

Earlier this year, Caldwell-Stone advised state library groups that were members of the ALA on how to counter conservative events at libraries. Calwell-Stone actually said:

“Public libraries actually have their own right to engage in government speech to make clear what their mission is, who they support what their goals are and so, if you have a Kirk Cameron story hour booked in your library you could actually have a library sponsored pride festival the same day and fill the library with rainbows and have other programming in place.”

Not only do the avowed communists running the American Library Association know what they’re doing, but they also revel in doing it. They actively look for ways to “legally” sexualize American children rather than simply carrying out their obligation to run libraries and preserve knowledge.

Montana’s example is an excellent one. Any organization that can withdraw from a national, taxpayer-funded organization that is now unabashedly communist should do so. The worrisome question that conservative parents in every state should be asking is, why hasn’t my state taken similar actions yet?