NYC Mayor Pays Medical Company $400 Million To Dump Illegals Elsewhere

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Despite the virtue signaling by calling themselves a “sanctuary city,” New York City Mayor and Democrat Eric Adams can’t cope with the problem they quite literally asked for. With Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) giving Adams and the rest of the liberal NYC residents exactly what they asked for, many figured they would be more than happy to help the illegals and give them everything they asked for. Instead, after just over 90,000 of them were bussed to NYC, Mayor Adams has had enough.

Given the way these illegals were brought to his doorstep, Adams doesn’t seem to know what he can or should do with them. Relying on the age-old “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mindset, he started a bussing program of his own. With no taxpayer okay, private donations, or stamp of approval from another elected official, Adams contracted with DocGo for them to transport these illegals to other parts of the state and could care less how they end up.

As first reported by the New York Times, Adams has been shipping them off in droves.

“More than 1,500 migrants have been sent to places as far as Buffalo, with more on the way…Behind the broken promises is a medical services company, DocGo, that once contracted with the city to provide COVID testing and vaccination services, but pivoted to migrant care as the pandemic waned and a new crisis emerged. The city awarded DocGo a $432 million contract, which took effect in early May, without subjecting it to competitive bidding. The contract called for DocGo to house migrants and provide them with services including case management, medical care, food, transportation, lodging, and round-the-clock security.”

The article further states that when these buses arrive, they are often welcomed with picketing, and along with the mistreatment they have suffered at the hands of liberal “helpers,” they are also overwhelmed with false hope for a better future. The jobs, homes, or apartments, and the opportunities they are lured onto the bus with simply don’t exist.

While liberals have thus far proven to argue against this generalization, the reports of lies, threats, and false senses of hope after they arrived in NY were under Adams’ bussing programs. In one clip, a security guard goes toe to toe and loudly threatens an illegal male for trying to speak with the media.

Cities and towns across NY are furious with Mayor Adams. With no information or background being issued about these illegals, there is little these organizations can do for them. Even with Biden’s flexible policies to try and accommodate the illegals, they still have their hands tied due to the complete disconnect with their home countries and the lack of proof as to who they are and what their background is.

Make no mistake about it, President Biden opened this can of worms. Now, organizations like DocGo and the hotels and motels where Adams has housed the illegals have been raking it in since the first ones showed up. Housing these illegals runs an average of $256 per night and varies greatly from motel to motel. Meanwhile, the shelters only pay around $136 per homeless New Yorker.

This price is not only a sign that NY taxes (city and state) and Biden-flation have made travel to the city prohibitively expensive but that the taxpayers are being taken to the cleaners. Adding insult to injury, reports are starting to surface of people like Mayor Adams and other elected officials in the city getting kickbacks for booking these illegals in specific and very overpriced hotels. Another highly illegal act, and one that is completely unsurprising to them.

Many of the cities and towns that these illegals end up in have mixed problems that only become complicated by their arrival. There is a substantial lack of low-priced and long-term rental properties for these illegals. They are largely taken up by people who are either un or under-employed. So, in turn, they end up in remote NY, have no job, can find no home, and have no prospects. This is setting them up for failure instead of making them go home.