FBI Russia Collusion Hoaxer Pleads Guilty to… Russia Collusion

Stuart Miles / shutterstock.com
Stuart Miles / shutterstock.com

The former FBI chief of counterintelligence in New York has just pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate US sanctions against Russia and laundering money for a Russian oligarch. In other words, one of the FBI’s chief fabulists who promoted the Russia collusion hoax against Donald Trump has just admitted to… colluding with Russia.

Charles F. McGonigal is the former FBI agent who just pleaded guilty to colluding with Russia for cash. He held one of the most important and sensitive jobs in the entire intelligence community until he was caught colluding with Russia.

Oh, the delicious irony of this!

McGonigal was one of the intelligence operatives who helped to keep the fictitious Russian pee tape rumor alive. Everyone was supposed to believe—according to this Hillary Clinton-concocted conspiracy theory—that notorious germophobe Donald Trump paid Russian hookers to whiz on a mattress in Moscow that Barack and Michelle “Big Mike” Obama had once slept on. Oh, and Vladimir Putin had a videotape of this that he was holding over President Trump’s head to force him to do Russia’s bidding.

It was a narrative that was so stupid and childishly transparent that a mildly retarded 7-year-old could not have believed it.

(Narrator’s Voice: Every Democrat voter in America believed in the potty tape.)

McGonigal cried in federal court on Tuesday as he admitted that he had abused his position within the FBI to target the main political opponent of the Deep State in Washington, DC. Even though McGonigal entered into a plea agreement for a reduced sentence, he now faces 5 years in federal prison for the Russia collusion that he admits he partook in.

The former FBI super-spy also faces upcoming charges that he took cash bribes from “Eastern European countries,” which is liberal media-speak for “Ukraine.” Despite President Trump being found totally innocent of Russia collusion by the Mueller witch hunt that concluded in 2019, a majority of Democrat Party voters still inexplicably believe that Donald Trump colluded with Russia.