Biden’s Liberal Immigration Policy Is Allowing Illegal Chinese Drug Dens To Flourish

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Thanks to the liberal immigration processes of the Biden administration, the Chinese are illegally trafficking their people over to the US. Led by promises of jobs, citizenship, and a full life so they can provide for their family back home, they give in and are sent here When they arrive, the typical nail salons, massage parlors, and restaurants swap up a good number of the women and some men. Those left are sent to work the drug dens.

As uncovered at the Daily Caller News Foundation, Border Patrol is seeing a dramatic shift away from fentanyl and rental houses in California and Arizona. Now they are expanding and taking over the marijuana grow market in Maine. Law Enforcement identified at least 270 suspects in various drug raids on their illegal grow operations. From these super-grows, the Chinese could produce over $.37 billion in profit per year.

Heading up these operations are Chinese nationals with residence status in the US or asylum claims. This makes it impossible to deport, claimed one anonymous source. Given the evidence that has been produced so far, this not only seems likely, but given their status, it almost makes them Teflon for their purposes.

Penobscot County Sheriff Troy Morton was involved in a bust of an illegal grow operation in Bangor, Maine recently. Netting 3,400 plants and 1,100 pounds of marijuana that had been processed and ready for sale, he has seen their dedication firsthand. “There are hundreds of these operations occurring throughout the state. It’s upsetting to those who live near these operations and even those who are following Maine laws and procedures.”

Pivoting their dedication to the marijuana industry makes sense for the Chinese. With the state flooded by recreational marijuana, transporting it doesn’t raise the eyebrows it once did, and many are embracing the idea of craft cannabis. This makes the over 750 properties that have been identified in Maine alone much harder to spot and raid.

The simple things like a roof having no snow on it where a grow room is are bits many cannabis growers once overlooked, but now the police aren’t checking for it because it makes little to no difference. With people being allowed 3 mature plants and 12 immature plants at once, it’s not uncommon for people to have sizeable home grows, and that makes the usual clues blend in more.

As the DEA’s Special Operations Division, Derek Maltz told the DCNF:

“So, not only are they providing this unbelievably important service to the Mexican cartels by picking up the cash and doing the money transfers over the banking apps and stuff like that, but they’re using the cash in America to buy land, to buy real estate, to buy property to invest in these grow operations.”

It becomes cyclic and grows rapidly once the grow cycles get dialed in, and the houses are fully operational. With stolen electricity and water in many instances, these growers are operating in dangerous and unsafe conditions. For many, this is the kind of activity they were hoping to avoid by making Maine their home. They believed that the more rural and tranquil majestic parts of New England would be perfect for raising a family.

Unfortunately, the Chinese are making the state an endless trap of houses of destruction. This is what legalization is supposed to eliminate However, it’s not working for one simple reason. The liberals are doing everything they can to give their investments time to capitalize on this.

By permitting big businesses like tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals to get involved and dug in firmly into the marijuana trade before national legalization, they can manipulate the markets when the states can keep it clean. This is part of the liberal agenda to make people slaves to the very companies their hippie counterparts preach so much against.

If they want to eliminate the Chinese, they need to eliminate the barriers to entry. Make people no long have a need for the black market. It’s not that hard to make it unnecessary.