STOP THE PRESSES! Trump Still Thinks Epstein Killed Himself…

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On August 23rd, former President Donald Trump chose not to attend the first GOP debate and instead released an interview with former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. This might now have been the best decision as Carlson was more than happy to ask him difficult questions, ones that might paint him in a less than stellar light with other conservatives.

Carlson brought his questions directly to Trump, and one of them was Carlson’s commonly held suspicion that Jeffrey Epstein had been killed instead of the “suicide” message the American people have been fed. He believes former US Attorney General Bill Barr lies about his death, and he asked Trump directly what he believes on the subject.

Oh sure it’s possible. I mean, I don’t really believe it. I think he probably committed suicide. He had a life with, you know, beautiful homes, and beautiful everything and he all of a suddenhe’s incarcerated and not doing very well. I would say that he did, but there are those people — there are many people believe, I think you’re one of them right, a lot of people think that he was killed. He knew a lot on a lot of people.”

In response, Carlson asked about Barr’s horrible job of uncovering the truth in the case and how much he botched the whole case. Trump stumbled a bit over himself trying to explain how poorly the place was run and how people could make a case about him being killed, but he didn’t want to get into that conversation.

Rather, Trump instead wanted to talk about Barr and his concerns during that time. With him dropping the ball on both Epstein and election fraud in the 2020 election, he had a lot to worry about at one point. “Barr became so petrified, so frightened of being impeached, they were gonna impeach him, I don’t know if you remember. That’s not a big moment in history. But they said, ‘we’re going to impeach,’ they play a much rougher game the left — the lunatics and they were gonna impeach Bill Barr and he was petrified.”

As a newly and quietly released investigation shows, the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General “uncovered” the truth about the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General becoming aware of repairs that were needed for the camera system on August 9th, 2019- just a day before his death.

In addition, allegations have been made that Epstein had tried to hang himself on July 23rd, 2019, but was unsuccessful in this attempt. The jail’s psychology division declared he was fine. “Distraught, sad, and a little confused,” but they maintained not suicidal.

This action alone is criminal and should have raised more flags than anything else. Two weeks is not enough time to go from suicidal to good. Oddly enough, if the cameras were even working then, no footage has ever leaked of that attempt either. Looking at that fact alone, there is enough information to suggest that perhaps other assailants attempted previously, failed, and came back. With psychology ‘experts’ thinking they did the right thing letting him back into a room with materials to hand himself with, and then guards ignoring that and leaving him where they allegedly knew cameras were failing…it just doesn’t add up.

For Trump to sit here and proclaim he believes Epstein killed himself is a dangerous choice, and anyone with a good thought in their head wouldn’t believe it. Yet many of the hardcore left continue to perpetuate that theory as if it’s gospel. Seeing him align himself with that theory raises a lot of questions.

Most importantly, it raises questions about the allegations that Trump was a client of Epstein and his Island of Sin. While these allegations are in the background, his defense of the theory Epstein did kill himself makes it more suspicious that Trump knew something and could have some culpability in his death.

The American people largely agree that this was a very fishy death, and the truth is out there. Considering the lack of media coverage and no release of the intel from the case, it’s all fishy, and now Trump just smells like a catfish himself.