Trump is Beating Biden in Even More Polls Following Indictment and Skipped Debate

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

You’d think a man with four indictments against him and just declared himself too good for a debate with his opponents wouldn’t be very well-liked. But as not one but four recent polls show, former President Donald Trump is doing so well that he’s even beating out incumbent Joe Biden.

If you remember, they say Biden beat Trump rather easily in 2020, as he’s just a better man and leader. They also say that even at age 80, he’s still what this country needs as a President.

However, it would seem that over half of America begs to differ. Even Democratic pollsters Douglas Schoen and Carly Cooperman have had to admit as much.

With the release of their most recent poll, Schoen and Cooperman wrote in The Hill on Monday that while Trump was blasted as the nation’s worst president just a few short years ago, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ time in office has made even the most loyal Biden fan question his leadership.

“The country’s frustration with inflation and wariness toward the idea of Vice President Kamala Harris being an 80-year-old’s heartbeat from the presidency are two of the many drags on President Biden’s reelection chances.”

And given those reasons, Trump officially beats Biden in the latest Schoen Cooperman Research poll, 45 percent to 44 percent.

However, Schoen Cooperman isn’t the only company to have similar results.

Emerson College Polling shows Trump at 46 percent and Biden at 44 percent in a hypothetical matchup.

Similarly, McLaughlin & Associates have Trump beating Biden 47 to 43 percent.

And the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Trump beating the incumbent 38 to 32 percent.

Clearly, the polls don’t necessarily mean that Trump will win or that the numbers won’t be reversed in just a few weeks. Two polls also fall into the margin of error.

However, it is rather telling that a man like Trump, who has more legal troubles than ever, is only gaining momentum in the presidential race while Biden is losing it.

And as Schoen and Cooperman note, “Democrats would be foolish to take that for granted.”