Unnamed GOP Wimps Fret There’s “No Evidence” of Joe Biden’s Wrongdoing

AF Branco / creators.com
AF Branco / creators.com

President Donald Trump has been indicted on 91 charges this year (so far) that are so fake that they make global warming sound like the Gospel truth. Despite the obvious political nature of these made-up charges, the eunuchs among House Republicans are still too frightened to impeach Joe Biden for his obvious bribery and influence-peddling schemes. These unnamed cowards say they’re worried that there’s “no evidence” that Creepy Joe and his crackhead son did anything wrong.

Politico reported last week that many of the whining babies among the House Republicans think that it’s just too soon to impeach Joe Biden. The website reported that the House eunuchs are “privately fretting that there’s no evidence to back up their conservative colleagues’ accusations that the president benefited from his son’s swampy gigs.”

“We haven’t proven the case for impeachment yet,” one unidentified coward told Politico. “How can you start impeachment? We haven’t done what you need to do to start impeachment. There is no way we’d get the votes.”

Did they all have reassignment surgery and get their manhood chopped off? Don’t these House Republicans understand that if they don’t begin fighting back against Democrat weaponization of the legal system right now, they will be in a cage next to Donald Trump soon?

Set aside the fact that Joe Biden is a doddering dementia potato right now. That wasn’t the case just a few years ago. When Joe Biden was Obama’s vice president, he still had all his faculties. Joe Biden was not incidental to Hunter Biden’s “swampy gigs,” as the media is telling us. Joe Biden was “the big guy” who was running a global bribery and influence peddling scheme. Hunter Biden can’t tie his own shoes. He was never running anything.

Let’s review the MOUNTAINS of evidence that House GOP investigators have uncovered so far, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe Biden subverted American foreign policy for dirty money from Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, and other countries.

  • Suspicious activity reports (SARs) filed with the Treasury Department about the Biden family receiving more than $50 million from a single country (Ukraine)
  • Text messages talking about bribes
  • Emails talking about bribes
  • Fake email pseudonyms that Joe Biden was using to communicate with the foreign powers he was soliciting bribes from
  • Pictures of Crooked Joe hanging out with Hunter’s business partners
  • Joe’s voicemail to Hunter in which he tells his son, “You’re in the clear” on the FBI investigation into the bribes
  • Five different people calling Joe “The Big Guy” when referencing bribes
  • Sworn testimony from multiple whistleblowers that Joe Biden took bribes and stonewalled the federal investigations into Hunter Biden’s “swampy gigs”
  • An FBI informant delivering sworn testimony that Joe Biden took bribes
  • An FBI FD-1023 file stating that a Ukrainian oligarch has phone recordings of Joe and Hunter Biden discussing bribes
  • Video of Joe Biden bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired, in an obvious quid pro quo for foreign aid to Ukraine
  • Hunter’s text messages about having to give half his income to his father
  • Tens of millions of dollars being passed through Joe and Jill Biden’s shell companies to launder it before passing it out to all Biden family members
  • Hunter Biden paying his father’s mortgage, utilities, and other bills

That’s not “no evidence.” It’s so much evidence that only a dishonest person could claim that there’s no evidence. If you have a Republican Representative in Congress, call them and demand that they vote “Yes” on impeaching Joe Biden. The evidence is overwhelming at this point.