News Flash: Most Voters Don’t Care About Trans Issues

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If you were to look at the way the liberals push the trans issue, it affects a significant percentage of the population. They would have you believe that there are kids in elementary, middle, and high school changing their gender left and right.

The reality is that only about five percent of young adults identify as transgender or nonbinary, according to the Pew Research Center. And not all of them want the gender-identifying surgeries because of the health repercussions.

Those who are under the age of 18 and identifying as trans shouldn’t get the surgeries or be identified as such until, wait for it, they fully mature. That way, they can decide if that’s REALLY what they want to do and that it wasn’t a passing fad.

While the liberals tell us that isn’t fair, the reality is that too many young adults have come forward after being allowed to get the surgeries and the hormone therapy and said they changed their minds and regret their decisions.

It’s why it shouldn’t come as any surprise that voters don’t really care about trans issues on the ballots.

They want to choose a politician based on such things as their stance on the economy, the southern border, foreign policy – things that will ACTUALLY affect them.

A poll conducted by “The 19th” covered a number of issues to see what voters wanted to hear about.

Transgenderism ranked low on the list of what voters care about.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Despite the cries of the left that we’re not listening to what people want, the reality is that not very many people care.

It’s typical of the left, though. They try to “fix” everything. They blame it on the minority for wanting something, but it’s really that THEY want it. The Cleveland Indians were offensive – not to the people of Cleveland or to the Indians native to the area. It was offensive to the liberals. They just blamed it on the Native Americans. And now, the poor bastards of Cleveland are left with an MLB team called the Guardians.

Maybe the liberals need to realize that we have to focus on what the masses want first and foremost. If we have a perfect economy, a closed border, and everything else is going smoothly, maybe then we can tackle transgenderism. Until then, leave it out of the political agendas.