Illegals Working Illegal Jobs for $3K a Month as Taxpayers Pay All Their Bills

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Illegal aliens from Venezuela, who are being housed in New York City, have been illegally working for companies like Uber and Home Depot for up to $3,000 a month in income. This means that these people, who are not even supposed to be in the country in the first place, are ripping the American taxpayers off by a staggering amount. Let’s crunch the numbers.

New York City is paying $385 a night to house every illegal alien, per the latest figures. That works out to $11,550 a month, and it’s just for shelter. When an illegal alien shows up at the border with some random kid that they may have purchased from the cartels, the Biden regime gives them a prepaid debit card that they load $2,200 a month onto to pay for food and miscellaneous expenses.

That gets the illegal alien up to $13,750 a month in benefits—before they even lift a finger to do any work. Which most of them don’t.

But for the enterprising ones who are going out and stealing jobs meant for Americans, they’re raking in another $3,000 a month. That works out to $16,750 a month in cash and benefits for every illegal working a part-time job.

How are you doing in the Biden economy right now, by the way? Do you have $16,750 a month coming in for working a part-time job at 20 hours a week? That’s what the illegal aliens are getting.

Breitbart News reports that the illegals are delivering food for Uber on stolen scooters that don’t even have license plate numbers. Their housing and groceries are paid for by you—at an extravagant rate, by the way—and they can go out and get a job meant for an American on top of that.

Our government truly does hate us.