Despite Woke Arguments, Columbus Is a Damned Hero

Joseph Sohm /
Joseph Sohm /

Americans love our history. We are proud of our accomplishments, and when the way success was achieved is suddenly unpopular or “wrong,” the liberals are more than happy to paint that person and their achievements in a negative light. Unless, of course, the victor was a minority. Then the bad parts are brushed over and ignored.

PragerU and Breitbart News reporter Alana Mastrangelo are calling out the liberals in their attempts to erase Columbus Day. Instead, they have been trying to call October 9th “Indigenous People’s Day” to celebrate the Native Americans who were in the US when Columbus landed here.

When the holiday was invented, Italians were under attack in this great nation. As Mastraneglo explains, “Hatred against the Italian newcomers was openly espoused by the newspapers of the day. For example, in 1882, the New York Times ran an editorial with the headline, “Our Future Citizens,” in which the Times’ editorial board stated, “There has never been since New York was founded so low and ignorant a class among the immigrants who poured in here as the Southern Italians who have been crowding our docks during the past year.”

The Times article continues and explains that many Americans of the time were repulsed at the idea of the poor Italians and their kids sharing the school system with their children. This kind of discrimination is something that the Italians rallied against, as well as cases of abuse, racism, segregation, and slavery as a result of coming over here.

By creating Columbus Day, it was a way to celebrate the legal immigration of people not only from Italy but across the world. By celebrating the man who found America while searching for a faster route to China and India, the country was acknowledging his accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of new Americans across the land.

Mastraneglo explained very simply why the American “The Columbus Day celebration, however, is our moment to share our heritage with our fellow countrymen in this new place we call home. That’s why I, and so many other Italian-Americans, love Columbus Day. We love this country, but we also love our heritage, and this holiday is the one day when the two get to meet. Columbus Day is when we get to celebrate what makes us a part of the American story.”

The leftist method of attacking faults based upon a shifting narrative that has occurred in the US is something that runs deep in their methodology. They have been making the American people feel bad for the actions of our ancestors for decades. Feeling guilty because what was once the correct answer is suddenly culturally inappropriate is not what America is about.

As liberals feel increasingly proud about the racist past of people like Cesar Chavez, they are quick to toss down the racial or discrimination card when challenged on his story. Yet, much like their pro-abortion stance, and like Columbus back then, there is no telling how historians will see things in 200 years. So why judge the past of Italian Americans?

The video powerfully tells the whole story, and no matter how damned the liberals make him out to be, he is a patriot and the leader of immigrants to the US.