San Francisco Pouring Millions into Homeless RV Parks While Tech Workers Sleep in $700 Pods

Philip Lange /
Philip Lange /

San Francisco has become pretty much unlivable at this point. No one wants to admit it, but the city has become a model of failed governance. Filth, squalor, and public disorder are the norm. In the latest debacle that characterizes the city perfectly, taxpayers are footing the bill for an RV park for the homeless for $12,000 per month, per vehicle. Meanwhile, young tech professionals who can’t even afford an apartment in San Francisco are living in communal pods for $700 per month because that’s all they can afford.

The homeless population has exploded across California since Joe Biden has been in office. Fentanyl and other hard drugs flooding across the southern border are only part of the problem. California’s zealous environmentalist legislature has made it incredibly difficult to build any new housing, especially in cities like San Francisco.

A one-bedroom apartment costs about $3,000 a month in the Bay Area. That’s why so many tech workers and young professionals are opting to live in pods. For $700 a month, they can rent a 4.5-foot-high by 3-foot-wide pod with a twin mattress. These pod facilities also have communal showers and bathrooms.

While they’re struggling to make it, the homeless get a free RV to live in, in places like the Bayview Vehicle Triage Center in San Francisco. The people who are working and actually paying taxes can only afford a $700-per-month pod, while the stinky, jobless fentanyl hoboes get a free RV that costs the city $12,000 per month to maintain.

It never occurs to the liars, grifters, and thieves running California’s largest cities that they should house the homeless in pods. Then again, Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum hopes we’ll all be living in pods soon enough. And eating bugs. And owning nothing. And liking it.