Science Confirms Poor and Stupid People Smoke the Most Weed

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Atheists and communists may try to tell you that religion is the “opiate of the masses,” but science has confirmed that it’s actually pot-smoking. Anyone who’s thought deeply about this issue realizes that the push for mass legalization of weed is a ploy to keep Americans dumb and complacent so the globalists can pick the carcass of our once-great empire apart. According to the latest Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index, the highest rate of marijuana use is among the very poorest and least educated Americans.

The Gallup Panel is a non-opt-in panel that covers all 50 states and involves 6,386 American adults. The latest Health and Well-Being Index survey was conducted between November 30 and December 8, 2023.

To measure the amount of dope use among American adults, Gallup asked, “Keeping in mind that this is confidential, how many days in the last month have you used cannabis products (such as smoking marijuana, vaping liquid THC, or consuming baked goods or gummies) to alter your mood and help you relax?”

Nearly one in five adults (19%) admitted to using weed products at least once in the previous month. That includes 23% of adults with a high school degree or less and 28% of Americans who live in a household making under $24,000 a year.

While a lack of education and a low income were the greatest contributing factors to dope-smoking, there were a few other indicators the study found as well. For example, adults under 50 are twice as likely to use marijuana as those over the age of 65 (12% compared to 6%). Men are slightly more likely to be put users than women (11% compared to 8%). They found no statistical difference in pot usage between white, black, and Hispanic adults, however.

Geography and political beliefs are also indicators that contribute to more weed smoking. The highest rates of use were in the Middle Atlantic states of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and in the East North Central census states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. In those states, 11% of adults admit to being dopers.

Meanwhile, the East South Central states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, along with the West North Central states of North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, reported the lowest instances of pot use. Only 7% of adults admitted to using weed in those states. Those are statistically meaningful differences.

Politically, 10% of Democrats and independents admit to being druggies, compared to only 6% of Republicans. Perhaps that explains why Joe Biden’s approval rating is still at an improbably high 39%. The only way that someone could still think that Joe Biden is doing a good job at this point is by numbing themselves with drugs.

Another interesting finding is that there was no real difference in marijuana use across states that have legalized the drug versus states where it’s still illegal. This suggests that legalization hasn’t made much of a difference in the number of people using marijuana, even though science now proves that 21st-century THC is far more dangerous than it was as recently as the 1990s. For example, nearly every psychopathic school shooter in the US and Canada over the past 15 years has tested positive for marijuana.

The fact that marijuana use continues to increase in America is another sign that schools and communities are failing to adequately educate and warn young people about its dangers. The finding that the poorest and least educated users may not be surprising, but it is worrisome when you consider how many Americans are becoming impoverished because of Joe Biden’s policies. Will marijuana use continue to increase as more Americans drop out of the middle class?