Black Chicagoans Threaten to Vote Republican if the Illegal Aliens Don’t Get Out NOW

Jim Vallee /
Jim Vallee /

The Sanctuary City jig is finally up. A group of black Chicagoans held a protest outside City Hall last week to demand that the local government abandon its sanctuary city policies and deport all the illegal aliens right now. If they don’t comply, the group plans to lobby the black community in Chicago and encourage all of them to vote Republican next year. It took a while, but people are finally waking up to the devastating reality of mass invasion compared to the feel-good virtue signaling about offering sanctuary to the world’s poor.

The protesters warned the city’s aldermen during the protest that their days are numbered if they don’t stop squandering taxpayer money and resources on the horde of illegal aliens that Democrat Party leaders have invited into the country. The City Council in Chicago just passed Mayor Brandon Johnson’s 2024 budget proposal, which sets aside $343 million for services and welfare for illegal aliens.

It’s infuriating when you think about it. Chicago currently has more than 58,000 homeless citizens, including school-aged children who sleep in cars every night. Yet liberal sanctuary cities like Chicago are suddenly bending over backward to hand thousands of dollars, no questions asked, to people who are in the country illegally. These same cities claim that it would be “too expensive” to solve the homelessness crisis. Baloney!

Texas only spends an average of $806 per year per homeless person. They’ve managed to reduce homelessness by 28% in Texas over the last decade. Meanwhile, homelessness in places like Los Angeles and Chicago has ballooned by 500% during the same time period. We know what works when it comes to transitioning homeless people from the streets back into a regular drug-free life with a job. Liberals choose not to do it.

It looks like the black residents of Chicago are finally catching on to the scam. The protesters outside City Hall have a very specific list of demands.

First, Mayor Johnson needs to sign an executive order ending Chicago’s sanctuary city policies. Not one more dime in city funds should be spent on these foreign invaders. Chicago should send local law enforcement to the city limits and stop every busload of illegal aliens trying to enter the city. Every illegal alien who is already there should be deported to somewhere else immediately. And finally, they demand that the land grab of senior citizens’ homes in Chicago be ended.

That last one is a story that has gone largely unreported so far. Senior citizens are losing their homes for falling behind on their mortgages during rampant inflation, and Democrat Party leaders are letting illegal aliens move in. That’s straight out the Communist Manifesto, and some reporter who cracks that story open should be awarded a Pulitzer.

The protesters have made it clear that they’ll vote for any Republican, Democrat or Independent who will oppose Chicago’s sanctuary city policies. Maybe that will finally get their attention. If not, won’t it be hilarious to see Donald Trump carry Illinois in next year’s presidential election?

Here are the protester leaders and their full list of demands outside Chicago’s City Hall last week: