Soldiers Punished for Biden’s Vax Mandate Sue for Billions

Sambulov Yevgeniy /
Sambulov Yevgeniy /

Joe Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate for the troops is likely to cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. That’s according to the attorneys who have brought a class action lawsuit against the Biden regime after it punished active-duty soldiers and reservists who refused to take the dangerous and experimental COVID shots. One of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs helped to overturn the illegal Anthrax vaccine mandate that the Bush administration tried to impose on the troops more than 20 years ago.

Three separate lawsuits are being combined into a class action suit, which is expected to represent 80,000 to 100,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and even Coast Guardsmen who were punished by the Biden regime. The troops were either kicked out of the military illegally or, in the case of reservists, they were ordered to stop drilling, which resulted in the loss of pay and benefits.

Lead attorney Dale Saran, who successfully fought against the military’s Anthrax vaccine mandate years ago, says the total amount that is owed to the troops is in the billions. The suit has been filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, a specialty court that dates back to the post-Civil War Reconstruction era. It’s a court where ex-soldiers can file claims against illegal discharges from the military.

“It’s a very old court and kind of a weird one,” says Saran. “But in any event, you can go there if you’ve got a claim and say, ‘Hey, I was illegally discharged, or the military did something to impede my pay,’ or whatever. The Court of Claims is where you go.”

The Biden regime kicked 8,000 active-duty troops out for refusing the shots. Somewhere between 60,000 and 70,000 reservists were either told not to drill or were moved to inactive status.

“They were basically [without] the benefit of any due process,” said Saran. “No boards were held. They didn’t hold any administrative separation boards; they didn’t hold any hearings… They just flat-out did it. And then…they got the Coast Guard to follow along, and they got a bunch of Coasties too.”

It’s especially maddening that the troops were denied pay like this when it turns out that they made the right decision about the COVID shots. The military discovered very early on during Biden’s illegal mandates that the shots were doing serious harm to the troops. Hundreds suddenly developed myocarditis after taking the shots. In many cases, the condition was so serious that they had to be discharged.

Thousands of soldiers developed neurological disorders after getting the very first shot in the sequence. Some started having epileptic seizures, which is immediate grounds for dismissal from the military.

Between September of 2021 and January of 2022—the first six months of Biden’s mandate—there were roughly 20,000 troops who were sexually sterilized by the COVID shots. The only reason why we know this is because brave doctors in the military leaked the data from the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch’s (AFHSB) Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) last year.

One of the former Coast Guardsmen suing is rescue swimmer Zach Loesch. He’s the Coastie who was filmed carrying out dramatic rescues in Florida during Hurricane Ian. The regime made a big deal out of having Joe Biden call Loesch to thank him for saving so many people’s lives. Two weeks after that phone call, Joe Biden—who really is a nasty SOB even on his best day—kicked Loesch out of the Coast Guard for refusing to take the COVID shot.

Biden even forced many of the discharged troops to pay back their reenlistment bonuses, which amounted to tens of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for them. Here’s to hoping that the lawsuit succeeds because these military members were treated really badly by the Biden regime.