Is This Calcutta or San Diego? Airport Flooded by Migrants Fleeing

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Flying through San Diego, CA is insulting enough. Simply having to land, much less walk out into in the state of Commiefornia fills any good American with a sense that they set foot in Sodom and Gomorrah. An already nasty and filthy state, now that the San Diego International Airport has been overran by migrants (both asylum seekers and getaway) waiting sometimes for days to get a flight back home.

Krystle Johnson, a volunteer with We All We Go (WAWG) told the San Diego Union-Tribune “It’s grown exponentially, and we’re not totally sure why… It’s almost becoming a second [migrant welcome] center because there’s so many people there.” Another WAWG volunteer Roni Ellias described her previous action of taking 50 sandwiches there for those stuck was suddenly not even close to enough. On a quick count, she noted 308 of them the week prior.

A nonprofit for the San Diego Welcome Center is running buses to the airport multiple times per day. In a statement with the Union-TTribune they said, “Since late last year, San Diego International Airport has experienced a significant increase in the number of migrants using the airport to proceed to their next destination. We have and will continue to coordinate with migrant-serving volunteer groups and nonprofit organizations as they help their clients navigate the airport.”

While terrific lip service and PR, the truth of the matter is, that these migrants are nothing but another drain on the resources of the city. Newcomers, already have enough of a culture shock stepping off into their distinctly California airport, but to then be face to face with the losing immigration battle as they search for their checked bag is incredibly disturbing.

Since 9/11, loitering and just being at the airport without a ticket has been frowned upon across the US. Very troublesome concerns about people plotting and planning for mass casualty attacks are heightened, especially as airport staff can do little to remove them. It’s time for federal intervention, otherwise, we are looking at another incident far beyond anything we can comprehend.