Poll: GenZ Wants Hollywood to Make More Action Movies, Not More Gay Propaganda

Roamerrrr / shutterstock.com
Roamerrrr / shutterstock.com

Hollywood still can’t seem to figure out that moviegoers have no interest in having gay propaganda shoved in their faces—especially in children’s movies. Someone should show them the latest polling conducted among the GenZ student body at the University of California Los Angeles.

The university polled young college students to ask what sorts of content they want to see when they go to the movie theater. Their top picks were action movies, along with “hopeful, uplifting content with people beating the odds” and “people with lives like my own.”

Gay stuff was at the very bottom of the list. The survey was conducted by UCLA’s Center for Scholars and Storytellers and polled 1,500 students.

In addition to being grossed out by movies about gay people, the young college students had no interest in movies about global warming, racial minorities, and immigration. That’s like Disney’s entire wheelhouse these days!

Did you realize that Disney put out 11 feature films in movie theaters this year? We didn’t either!

Ten of those films were all about gays, minorities, and global warming. Those ten films lost a combined $750 million since movie-going audiences had no interest in seeing them. The only Disney film in 2023 that broke even was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

That was the one Disney film that featured zero gay characters and zero gay space aliens. It was still kind of a gay movie, but it wasn’t blatant, in-your-face gay propaganda for the sake of gay propaganda.

The GenZers were polled on why they want to watch movies and the response that most chose was, “To escape and take my mind off of things.” That makes sense because the only thing they hear all day long from their Marxist professors is gay propaganda, global warming (which is fake), minorities, and immigration.

Movies are supposed to be about escapism and fun. Hollywood has abandoned that in favor of some weird new religion, and sadly, they don’t seem to care how much money they lose when forcing this garbage on the culture.