AGs Call Out Biden for Plan That Would Ban Christians from Fostering Children

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Just about anyone with a lick of sense knows that the liberal left, by way of the Biden administration, has waged war on Christianity and American Christians. Their latest move is to effectively ban Christians from being allowed to become foster parents.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Thanks to a proposed plan by Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services, foster parents and families must be willing to use a foster child’s “identified pronouns, chosen name, and allow the child to dress in age-appropriate manner that the child believes reflects their self-identified gender identity and expression.”

Basically, the plan called the “Safe and Appropriate Foster Care Placement Requirements” would bar anyone who can’t, in good conscience, from helping children in need.

No, the plan doesn’t explicitly mention Christians would be banned. But I dare you to show me a good Christian who would be willing to follow this new rule. It directly goes against the Bible in a number of ways.

As 19 state attorneys general recently pointed out, this poses a number of problems to the already strained foster care system. First and foremost, it would disqualify a wide majority of currently approved foster parents and homes.

Led by Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, these AGs wrote a letter to the Biden administration, specifically Aysha Schomburg, associate commissioner in the Children’s Bureau and part of the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families in the HHS.

In it the attorneys general noted that that this new rule “infringes on the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech, fundamental rights persevered by the First Amendment.” Additionally, they pointed out that the Supreme Court has already rejected similar attempts to exclude foster parents on the basis of religion or free speech.

But more than that, the new rule “will harm children, harm families, and harm States, all to advance an ideology.”

In short, “HHS should reject the proposed rule.”

The letter specifically calls up a number of states that currently foster a great number of children in need via Christian parents and foster homes.

For example, a single faith-based organization in Arkansas is responsible for almost half of the state’s foster homes – meaning that about half of the state’s foster children are currently in Christian homes. In New Mexico, every single private placement agency happens to be Christian.

Now, of course, this shouldn’t be shocking. After all, the Christian faith is expressly known for its charity and helping those in need.

What is shocking is that those in Washington at present somehow think that this faith means these people are suddenly unfit to be parents or to help children.

As the letter says, “The federal government should be searching for ways to increase the number of foster homes, not decrease them.”

And why? Because they won’t affirm a child’s emotion-based feelings of not feeling at home in their young body? A

And if that wasn’t ludicrous enough, the new plan also wants to begin “consulting” such confused teenagers “about their case plans.” So basically, they are going to ask youth who aren’t old enough to drive, drink, vote, etc., to make their own lasting and life-altering choices about their bodies.

Tell me, what 14-year-old has any clue what life will hold for them and what they actually need to be successful in life, especially with all those raging adolescent hormones going on…

This is precisely what parents are designed for: to lead children, no matter how confused they may be, into adulthood. To instill values, standards, and a sense of self-worth into them.

And yet, this new rule is making sure that foster parents can’t do this. Instead, it’s up to the kids…

Thankfully, these attorneys general are taking a stand. Hopefully, their wisdom is heard in Washington – for the sake of foster children everywhere.