How Tucker Carlson Stays Positive in Today’s World

Aleksandr Dyskin /
Aleksandr Dyskin /

It’s no secret that today’s world is getting crazier by the second. As such, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and even become rather jaded about it all, particularly if you’re a man like Tucker Carlson, constantly being thrown into fires.

And yet, Carlson has found a way to put it all behind him and stay positive.


That very question was asked of him at a recent Invest Wealth Summit in Florida, where he was the keynote speaker.

Carslon’s answer was nothing short of Biblical, although he never mentioned God or the Bible.

He noted that today’s world is, in fact, a “torrent of lunacy,” as anyone can see by just looking at your phone. And for a man like Carlson, whose job it is to be very aware of pretty much all that goes on in the world and have an opinion on such, he’s in a unique position to be targeted by much of that lunacy.

He even admits that he’s likely one of the most “hated” people on the planet. And yet, none of it gets to him.

Now, of course, he says he participates in some “self-care” actions. You know, things like daily saunas, spending time outside, and playing with his dogs.

But what he says really matters is that he doesn’t cast his pearls before swine.

If you’re familiar with the Bible, this refers to a verse that advises not to give your treasures “pearls” to those who don’t really matter “swine.”

He said, “The opinions of people you don’t know mean nothing. Never hand emotional control to people who don’t love you.”

Carlson explains that, as I mentioned before, he’s not always liked. But that doesn’t matter to him because those people aren’t in his inner circle. “However, if my wife were to say, ‘I don’t really like what you’re doing,’ it would, like, bring me to my knees.”

It doesn’t mean you can’t serve others and seek to do good for them. But it does mean you don’t put your value in what they think of you.