Trans-Mania: Little Girl Forced to Share a Bed with a Biological Boy on a School Field Trip

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Red Fox studio /

It’s time for parents to declare the public school system in America to be a major child abuse ring. This story will make your blood boil. The Jefferson County Public Schools in Colorado tried to make an 11-year-old girl share a hotel bed with a mentally ill, transgender boy on a school field trip. The parents and students were never warned that this could even be a possibility. What sane adult would allow such a thing?

The kids were on a cross-country field trip from Colorado to Philadelphia and Washington, DC. The letter sent to parents about chaperoning stated that boys and girls would be housed on separate floors in the hotel. Boys were not allowed to even visit the girls’ floor, and vice versa.

What the school district did not explain to parents is that they are a bunch of f***ing lunatics who believe that boys and girls can magically change their sex just by wishing it. The 11-year-old girl (we’re withholding their family’s name out of respect for their privacy) was assigned to share a bed with a transgender boy.

Luckily, the girl’s mom was one of the chaperones. She was able to call her mother, who rescued her from this traumatic situation. Even children are smart enough to realize that boys and girls are biologically different. But not public school officials!

The parents have secured legal counsel and are now demanding answers from the school district. The shocking thing is that these trans-maniacs with the Jefferson County Public Schools didn’t think this was anything out of the ordinary. “Oh, Timmy thinks he’s a girl? Fine, let’s assign him to share a bed with another girl. No one will mind!”

We do mind. Every parent in America who is not blinded by this insane ideology minds very much. The days when we peacefully sue the pants off of school districts for this type of garbage may be coming to an end soon. Parents are not going to put up with this much longer without taking justice into their own hands.