Biden Gave Billions to a Solar Company That’s Accused of Ripping Off the Elderly

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AlyoshinE /

House and Senate Republicans are launching an investigation into the Biden Department of Energy after it gave billions in taxpayer dollars to a solar company that appears to be a total fraud. Sunnova Energy Corporation, which is based in Houston, has been accused of scamming vulnerable customers in multiple states. The Department of Energy, under Secretary Jennifer Granholm, just gave the company a $3 billion award.

House Energy and Commerce Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Senate Energy and Natural Resources Ranking Member John Barrasso (R-WY) are launching the investigations into Sunnova. Rodgers and Barrasso sent a letter to the DOE noting that Sunnova has been caught multiple times scamming and misleading its customers.

One of the tactics that Republican lawmakers say Sunnova uses is pressuring sick and elderly people into 25-year lease contracts for solar panels, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. When those elderly customers die, their heirs are stuck with these massive debts to Sunnova. There are also state consumer complaints against Sunnova for predatory sales strategies, and for taking its sweet time whenever a customer sends in a maintenance request.

In September, the Biden regime awarded Sunnova a $3 billion loan to provide solar systems to low-income families in the US and Puerto Rico. That’s the largest contribution the federal government has ever given to a single solar panel company. It’s all part of Joe Biden’s plan to destroy America through the Green New Deal, which was actually written by the World Economic Forum and not AOC.

Earlier this year, before Joe Biden gave the company $3 billion, the Better Business Bureau gave Sunnova its lowest possible “F-rating.” The BBB put out an alert letting people know they shouldn’t do business with Sunnova. They cited the company’s deceptive sales practices, terrible customer service, and the fact that service technicians never show up on time. One customer issued a complaint to the BBB in October, stating that their solar system hadn’t worked in five months and that they were still waiting for Sunnova to replace a defective part to get it running.

In 2019, Puerto Rico’s Energy Bureau published a report accusing Sunnova of scamming customers there. The bureau accused Sunnova of lying about the effectiveness of its solar panels. Customers didn’t save nearly as much money on their energy bills as Sunnova claimed. Contrary to the beliefs of global warming cultists, solar panels actually suck at delivering energy most of the time. Just ask California if you have questions about this.

Puerto Rico also accused Sunnova of misleading customers about the costs of the systems and the length of the lease contracts.

A Texas resident named Terry Blythe told media outlets that a door-to-door Sunnova salesman coerced her 86-year-old father, who had dementia, into signing a 25-year lease contract with the company.

“It was truly ripping off old people,” said Blythe. “It was the biggest ripoff I’ve ever seen.”

From all the reports and consumer complaints, it sounds like Sunnova is a very terrible company. It makes total sense, therefore, that Joe Biden would be anxious to award Sunnova $3 billion in your tax dollars. If they rebranded themselves as “The Ukraine of Solar Panels,” Mitch McConnell would probably want to give them $10 billion.

It should be abundantly clear that Joe Biden hates the American people by now. Who would willingly give a company $3 billion in taxpayer money right after the Better Business Bureau gives it an F-rating?