UN Calls for a Ceasefire in Gaza but Refuses To Call Hamas Out

Gary Varvel / creators.com
Gary Varvel / creators.com

The United Nations General Assembly- consisting of all UN member nations overwhelmingly passed a resolution on December 12th to halt their campaign against Hamas and Palestine; all while rejecting two separate referendums to condemn the actions of Hamas. It marked the second passed resolution since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th. In that resolution, they also failed to condemn Hamas but instead insisted that Israel not defend itself.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council, the most powerful body in the globe, has refused to condemn Hamas’ actions, thanks in large part to permanent veto powers from nations like Russia. Vetoing a US-led resolution, they claimed it didn’t do enough to speak out against Israel, and then attempted to introduce their own pro-Hamas resolutions. In mid-November, they did pass a resolution for a ceasefire, but again refused any condemnation of Hamas.

Getting 153 of the 193 possible votes, only 10 countries voted against it, with Israel, the US, Paraguay, Guatemala, and Liberia among the countries. Meanwhile, 23 countries, including major European powers like Germany, Italy, and the UK abstained from the vote.

Worded horrifically, it directs an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire,” which will do little but give Hamas fighters more of an opportunity to plan, move resources, and send in more reinforcements. They also have demanded the release of all hostages in Gaza, without conditions or delay. A veritable stronghold for Hamas, the intelligence still has many of the hostages being held there. Yet the most head-scratching is their oddly phrased insistence that both sides follow international laws; something they cannot enforce.

Austria attempted to amend the resolution, so Hamas was called out, but that vote failed, as did the US’ standalone resolution to directly condemn Hamas’ actions on October 7th. Presently, there is nothing on paper that has condemned Hamas, thus leading Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan to in-tun condemn the General Assembly for their lack of action. Particularly for their quest to leave Hamas off the record and continue to punish Israel.

Preaching, Erdan said, “Not only does it fail to condemn Hamas for its crimes against humanity — it doesn’t mention Hamas at all.” As he told it, a UN-forced ceasefire in Gaze only “means one thing and one thing only — ensuring the survival of Hamas, ensuring the survival of genocidal terrorists committed to the annihilation of Israel and Jews.”

This goes along with Erdan’s late October statements that Israel would not stop until Hamas was done. In their minds, and rightfully so, the only way to ensure their continued existence is to snuff out all remnants of Hamas. While other factions would likely rise to quickly take their place, the dismantling of Hamas is the current and most urgent of the needs for Israel.

For Israel and the UN, this is business as usual. Since 2022 the General Assembly has used half of their resolutions on them alone. Leaving the other half for the rest of the globe, the UN has taken a special interest in condemning Israel at every turn, seemingly over things that should not be of concern to the UN.

As the UN concentrates its efforts on the conditions in Palestine, it continuously looks past slavery, inhumane conditions, and downright desolation in North Korea and parts of China. Their egregious human rights violations are not only well-known but also heavily documented. Yet somehow these are overlooked. Instead, the “special rapporteur on Palestine” for human rights, Francesca Albanese continues to interject her antisemitic statements, and openly plug her cooperation with Hamas.

Hillel Neuer, who leads the monitor group U.N. Watch has previously appeared before Congress to testify about Albanese. Detailing out her public and private provocations for Hamas, he details how before her appointment she attempted to liken Palestine to the Holocaust, proclaimed the US as a puppet for Israel, and told the people of Hamas they were free to challenge Israel.

It certainly seems as if Albanese must have something against the UN to keep them going after Israel this aggressively. Given the state of global politics and her history, she sure seems to have a lot riding on Hamas eliminating Israel.