DC Mayor Risks Losing Two Icons and $25 Million in Revenue Annually

Jonathan_Densford / shutterstock.com
Jonathan_Densford / shutterstock.com

As I am sure you know, crime has been skyrocketing in our blue-ran cities. And now they are really starting to pay for it.

Welcome to Washington, DC, the home of our nation’s capital and a place that once inspired greatness on a monumental scale.

Now, however, its liberal leadership has allowed crime and violence to flourish. So much so that many of its greatest pastimes are leaving for greener, safer pastures.

As WRC-TV reported on Wednesday, both the NBA’s Washington Wizards and NHL’s Washington Capitals are leaving the area. For as long as most can remember, the two popular teams have been housed at Monumental Sports and Entertainment facilities in downtown DC.

But now, they are leaving, headed just across the Potomac River to a sports complex in Alexandria, Virginia.

To be sure, geographically, the move is not a far one.

However, for the city of DC, it might as well be on the moon.

You see, with a move technically out of the city, the District of Columbia not only loses two iconic sports teams, but also what Mayor Murial Bowser admits will be about $25 million a year in revenue for the capital city.

As WRC reported, “The deal would transform a growing Northern Virginia neighborhood and send shockwaves through downtown DC, which is accustomed to hosting tens of thousands of fans but has struggled with crime.”

Ah, there it is.

Of course, neither sports team or Mayor Bowser has admitted that the move is because of DC faulty crime laws. But it’s plain to everyone else that’s the real reason.

According to statistics from the Washington Metropolitan Police, the District definitely has a growing crime problem. Homicides are 34 percent; robbery has risen 68 percent, and car theft is up a whopping 88 percent.

Overall, the numbers show a staggering 27 percent increase in crime from just last year.
Needless to say, this has caused a strain in tourism, both for iconic Washington monuments, as well as their sports teams.

So it’s a no-brainer that teams like the Wizards and Capitals would no longer want to be in the city.

Good job, Bowser. You’ve Califorinia’d Washington DC.