“Tranq Tourism” Surging As Philly Becomes the Next City To Fall

EB Adventure Photography / shutterstock.com
EB Adventure Photography / shutterstock.com

Democrat stronghold Philadelphia’s Kensington district is going through a massive change in its drug and homeless populations. The decades-long history of crack and heroin has started evolving, and currently Xylazine aka “Tranq” has been taking over the streets.

Earning its nickname from the tranquilizer-like sedative state the drug leaves users feeling, users become incredibly lethargic and behave in manners commonly associated with zombies. In prolonged use, the drug can rot away at the user’s flesh at injection sights, as well as other spots of the body. These holes can rot an entire limb from the inside out, and due to the problems, these holes cause amputation is often the only solution.

Originally used as a veterinary tranquilizer for horses and other animals, many likened the drug to Ketamine. Now, according to Community Health Services’ adviser Kevin Dahlgren when he spoke to News Nation back in February, a major difference has been the introduction of Fentanyl to the mix. “I thought fentanyl was the worst thing I’d seen in my career, but now they’ve added tranq to fentanyl. So now it’s like a game-changer, and it’s terrifying.”

For content creators on TikTok and other platforms, “tranq tourism” is a huge money maker. In a move highly objected as praying on these addicts, the addicts are given small amounts of money to shoot up and allow themselves to be filmed through the whole process. To these nay-sayers, this is nothing more than extortion and taking advantage of these addicts.

On the same note, TLC, Science, and other networks have paid to film entire episodes and often offer misleading information about the drug or the underworld it comes from. These networks have profited massively, with many of these addicts ending up in jail or dead. Additionally, as one person said, “How dare tokkers show what we have been hiding??? Lol.”