CO Tells Trump He’s DQ’d From Their Primary

Laura Gangi Pond /
Laura Gangi Pond /

A ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court has suddenly made former President Donald Trump disappear from the GOP primary ballot for the 2024 Presidential election. With a 4-3 ruling, their decision proclaimed that Trump had violated the 14th Amendment’s “insurrectionist ban” and was ineligible to be on the ballot in the state.

With an appeal to the US Supreme Court set to be heard on January 4th, it must be settled before January 5th. This is when the deadline for the state’s list of potential candidates is due for the Republican primary. In their ruling, the state decided that they didn’t need the consent or approval of the Senate to rule that the January 6th, 2021 “riot” on Capitol Hill was a form of insurrection. Furthermore, they ruled that Trump had “engaged” in it through his Tweets and messages to the public.

Trump’s campaign manager, Steven Cheung, called the ruling “un-American.”

“Democrat Party leaders are in a state of paranoia over the growing, dominant lead President Trump has amassed in the polls. They have lost faith in the failed Biden presidency and are now doing everything they can to stop the American voters from throwing them out of office next November. The Colorado Supreme Court issued a completely flawed decision tonight and we will swiftly file an appeal to the United States Supreme Court and a concurrent request for a stay of this deeply undemocratic decision.”

In a post on Truth Social, Trump gave his thoughts on the ruling. “‘Justice’ weaponization is a very dirty game to play, and it can have repercussions far greater than anything that Biden or his Thugs could understand. They ought to withdraw all of their Fake, Political Indictments against their Republican Opponent, me, immediately. This is a Pandora’s box that works two ways, and it should be closed and tightly sealed RIGHT NOW.”

Back in November, CO Judge Sarah Wallace issued a ruling that since Trump was not classified as an “officer of the United States,” nothing was disqualifying him under Section Three of the 14th Amendment. Wallace did, however, rule that Trump did incite the insurrection, and the First Amendment was not protecting his speech in this instance.

Deciding to remove Trump from the ballot would most likely deprive the 3,783,006 registered voters of Colorado from deciding to vote for him. Currently, 901,219 Coloradans are registered as Republicans, and this would also prevent them from voting for him in their primary. The decision to deprive them of such a privilege is not only illegal, but it is also immoral. Most importantly, it attempts to destroy the entire basis of our democracy.

When the Democrats decided to go after President Trump this way, they opened Pandora’s box for disqualifying candidates. Under their logic, people who made potentially disruptive speech could be held liable for the actions of others, even when they did not direct them to take any specific actions.

Using their own manipulative tactics against them, President Biden could easily be disqualified as well, as his actions when removing Title 42 border protections could be viewed as treason. His openly welcoming invitation for illegal immigrants to crash the border and simply claim “asylum” certainly has the appearance of trying to overthrow the government. At the very least, the argument can rightly be made for destabilizing it.

Justice in Colorado for Republicans and those hopeful for President Trump to return to office is slowly coming, but it will turn out. In the unlikely event that the ruling from Colorado is upheld, there will likely be an uprising that would make January 6th look like a PTA meeting. Americans have already lost enough under Biden. From retirements to stock portfolios to their savings; people have lost their entire livelihoods under his leadership.

Take away our chance at having Trump back in office, and we might as well just burn the whole damn thing to the ground.