US Chip Plants Delay Production Until After Donald Trump is Reelected Next Year

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The CHIPS and Science Act was passed by Congress last year and signed into law by Joe Biden. His Fraudulency had planned for the CHIPS Act subsidies to lure some computer chip manufacturing companies back to the US in time for him to brag about all the great work he’s done on the economy before the next election. Unfortunately for Biden, the chipmakers are not cooperating.

Samsung Electronics has been a part of this plan. The company is building a $17 billion chip plant in Taylor, Texas. Samsung President Choi Siyoung now says that the plant won’t be able to open and begin mass production until sometime in 2025.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. says it’s also delaying its opening until 2025. It has a major plant in Phoenix, AZ. The company cites a shortage of skilled workers here in America as the reason for the delay. The company says they’ll have to import workers from Taiwan in order to staff the plant.

Because if there’s one thing we’re missing here in America, it’s lots of immigrants to take our high-skilled jobs!

Chipmaker ASML Holding NV says that a big part of the problem here is that Congress and the Biden regime are all a pack of idiots. (We might be paraphrasing that a bit.)

Chipmaking has been outsourced almost entirely to a tiny part of the globe in Taiwan and South Korea. Colleges and universities in those countries offer advanced degrees so their citizens can fill those jobs. We didn’t have the correct degrees and training in the pipeline for Americans to be able to staff these jobs—and that’s the fault of Joe Biden and Congress.

This is yet another blow to Joe Biden as he launches his doomed 2024 campaign. He was hoping for a tiny bit of good economic news that he could brag about, but his team goofed that up too.