Bidenland Volunteers Quitting in Droves?

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michelmond /

If you’ve noticed much about Joe Biden’s presidential election bid, it’s likely that things are not necessarily going well for him. And now, the one area most everyday Americans see as a good thing for Biden is precisely the reason why his leftist supporters are leaving “in droves.”

According to a letter recently posted to the website Medium, “17 Biden for President Staffers” signed and sent demands to the sitting president, making known their disappointment in him over the ongoing Israel v Gaza situation in the Middle East.

So far, Biden has been in support of our longtime ally and the only democracy in that region of the world, Israel. As such, he has been sending aid to the Jewish nation, although not quite condemning the heinous acts of their enemy, Gaza-based Hamas.

And apparently, these liberal campaign staffers are demanding a change, or else.

As the writers claim, “Biden for President staff have seen volunteers quit in droves, and people who have voted blue for decades feel uncertain about doing so for the first time ever because of this conflict.”

To be certain, this is absolutely true. Longtime blue voters have been astonished to see the left’s support of violence, death, and Hamas.

Of course, this letter is claiming pretty much the opposite.

Among other things, the letter says, “We joined this campaign because the values that you – and we – share are ones worth fighting for… However, your administration’s response to Israel’s indiscriminate bombing in Gaza (also known as self-defense) has been fundamentally antithetical to those values – and we believe it could cost you the 2024 election (the ‘or else’).”

The letter goes on to demand a “cessation of violence,” though not from Gaza, just from Israel.

As if the US president announced such will actually change anything. If that were the case, this type of announcement would have been made decades ago. Oh, wait, it was. And yet, the violence in the Middle East has continued.

This letter, just like one supposedly written by Biden’s White House staffers in November, only proves that the Biden camp is full of dissension. Indeed, it may cost him 2024.