AARP Tells Seniors to Get Their EIGHTH Dose of mRNA Covid Shot


The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) just urged its 38 million members to rush out and get an eighth dose of the mRNA Covid shots. This is flat-out absurd given the proven dangers of these shots and the prevailing evidence that even more shots lead to the recipient catching COVID more often. Is the AARP trying to kill its own members? This is seriously the worst medical advice that we’ve ever seen anyone deliver.

The advice to get an eighth Covid shot appears in the AARP’s latest print newsletter.

“I’m up to five COVID boosters. Should I really be signing up for yet another shot now?” asks the newsletter at the top of the page.

“Yes,” is the answer. “If you didn’t get a COVID vaccine this fall, you need to hustle and catch up.”

Don’t just walk to get another injection, members. HUSTLE!

The AARP is scaremongering its members into getting an astonishing eighth dose of a harmful substance right now. That is beyond the pale. The first booster shot that they came up with, back when it was apparent that the original two-shot series wasn’t preventing anyone from catching Covid, was rapidly tested on eight mice before it received FDA approval. Shots #4, 5, 6, 7, and now #8 have had zero safety trials or testing done on them.

The FDA has simply rubber-stamped the most recent five shots, despite mounting evidence of just how dangerous this mRNA technology is to the human body.

Both Canadian and European regulators have now confirmed that both the Pfizer and Moderna shots used a monkey virus as one of their main ingredients. The virus is Simian Virus 40, or SV40. American regulators at the FDA have completely ignored this revelatory information.

The problem with SV40 is that if it enters the human body at unsafe levels, it can trigger a cancer response in the brain and other vital organs. That’s according to researchers at Baylor University. Pfizer and Moderna neglected to tell the public, let alone the FDA, that their shots contain levels of SV40 that are far above “safe” levels for human beings.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Lapado has called on the FDA to suspend the Covid shots completely, even as the AARP is telling its members to get an eighth dose of the shot. Dr. Lapado notes that there have been no studies on how the introduction of this monkey virus into the human system will interact with a person’s DNA. The evidence suggests that the lipid nanoparticles, which the monkey virus is contained within, allow the monkey virus to integrate with human DNA.

In a nutshell, it means that the monkey virus alters your DNA. Pfizer, Moderna, the FDA, and the CDC have insisted from the very beginning that this experimental technology does not alter human DNA. Like everything else they’ve told us from the beginning, that was a lie. They have no data to back up that assertion.

Plus, Pfizer and Moderna had a duty to warn patients from the very beginning that they were injecting people with a crazy monkey virus that might give them cancer. It’s called informed consent. Rather than informing Americans of this and asking their consent, Pfizer paid off the politicians so they would try to impose illegal vaccine mandates on people.

Would you sign up for even ONE Covid shot if you had known one of the main ingredients is a cancer-causing monkey disease? But if you are in the AARP, you are supposed to “hustle” and get an eighth dose of government monkey juice injected into your arm. Good luck with that.