DC Judge Reins in Jack Smith, Sides with Trump

Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.com
Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.com

Thanks to the Biden administration and the political left as a whole, former president and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has been stuck in court on a number of cases of late. Thankfully, the law is not completely against him.

For instance, one known anti-Trump judge was just forced to rein in Biden’s DOJ special prosecutor, Jack Smith, and side with Trump.

Smith, of course, is claiming that Trump is guilty of “engaging in insurrection” or at least inciting it. As such, he is seeking to bar Trump from running for office.

However, the case in its entirety has been placed on hold, or in legal terms, a stay has been issued. This basically means that nothing can be done on the case during this time. The stay will remain in effect until the appellate court decides on whether or not Trump, as a former president, can be granted executive immunity for the charges Smith has brought against him.

And yet, as Trump’s attorneys claim, Smith and his office have not let the case lie. Instead, they have served Trump with over 4,000 pages of “additional discovery,” including “several hundred video and audio recordings” as part of several filings for the case.

According to Trump’s lawyers, this is not “staying” the case.

On Thursday, the judge who issued the stay agreed.

US District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled that the filings do, in fact, not look good for a case that is supposed to be stayed. “Accordingly, the court will adopt Defendant’s recommendation that the parties be forbidden from filing any further substantive pretrial motions without first seeking leave from the court.”

Now, Chutkan did go on to say that she would not be holding Smith’s office in contempt because the stay did not strictly forbid filings but “deadlines and proceedings scheduled.”

But from here on out, that too has been banned.

It’s not a complete win, but it’s a move in the right direction.