Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says No to Trump VP Possibility

Michael Candelori /
Michael Candelori /

As states continue to primary, making it more likely by the day that Donald Trump will be the GOP’s chosen presidential nominee, questions are being asked about possible VP choices. One of those assumed to be on Trump’s shortlist is former Trump press secretary, now Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

And she made it quite clear that she has no real interest in returning to the White House any time soon.

The question was asked of her during a recent interview with CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ host Margeret Brennan. Unsurprisingly, given the network’s propensity to despise all things conservative, Huckabee Sanders was more or less interrogated rather than interviewed.

But, as always, her convictions and grace showed through despite the harsh treatment.

First, Brennan talked about abortion, which Huckabee Sanders has all but eliminated in her home state. In doing so, she pretty much accused the governor of being solely responsible for high maternal mortality rates, as if that’s a bad thing.

She also asked about postpartum care for mothers, again as if Huckabee Sanders was doing something wrong by making this available.

Hell, Brennan even attempted to paint Huckabee Sanders as a liar and hypocrite for accepting federal assistance to provide food for poor children during the summer months.

In all of these things, Huckabee Sander’s determination and constant poise showed through, noting that if “we have options available to help us improve” child hunger, we should definitely use them, which is “exactly what we’re going to do.”

Of course, then the conversation turned to the White House and the upcoming presidential election.

And, again, Huckabee Sanders proved herself more than capable of taking on the hard questions, you know, like defending the Trump administration despite the leftist-backed media’s constant and clear derision.

Huckabee Sanders noted that this election, in particular, gives us two very different candidates to choose from. While both have a four-year record to run on, those records could not be more different.

“One has a record of success coming from a posture and a position of strength in Donald Trump, and one who comes from a position of weakness.”

She goes on to point out a few more concise examples, you know, things like securing the border, national security, the economy, our relationship with China, etc. And she notes that on all of those things, which are very important to most voters, “Donald Trump is dominating Joe Biden.”

As a result, Huckabee Sanders says it leaves her with “no doubt” that Trump will end up being the “clear victor because of that – that contrast.”

When asked about whether or not and how Trump could “unite” the nation, Huckabee Sanders was just as forthright. She pointed to all those aspects that she had just talked about (the economy, border security, etc.) and noted it would be “hard to argue” how those things wouldn’t unite the country.

Then, she was asked about the possibility of heading back to the White House to serve as Trump’s VP.

To this, she stated that she absolutely loves the job she currently has as Arkansas’s governor, and she is honored to serve her state in that role. She also hopes she can “do it for the next seven years.”

As Brennan noted, that sounds very much like a “no” to the VP slot.

Indeed, it does. After all, Huckabee Sanders has already spent a good amount of time in the White House. She left it to go back to her family and her roots. And as you can tell, she has thrived back in her home state.

While a definite no hasn’t been carved in stone yet, it’s looking like Huckabee Sanders isn’t nearly as interested as some others may be. Besides, this answer ensures that Trump and his VP choice can remain open until he is actually nominated.

As always, Huckabee Sanders proves herself worthy of her conservative title.