Oil Drillers Go Electric and, Of Course, It’s Caused Problems

maxim ibragimov / shutterstock.com
maxim ibragimov / shutterstock.com

You know all too well at this point that the world is attempting to go green. Or at least that’s what the political left and environmentalists say we are and should be doing. So it’s no surprise that they’ve even got oil companies involved.

But as you can imagine, an oil company going electric is bound to cause some very real problems.

According to The Wall Street Journal, companies like Diamondback Energy, based in Martin County, Texas (the nation’s “busiest oil fields”), have been trying to appease the unappeasable leftists. Instead of using tried and true gas or oil-powered machines to drill for oil, Diamondback has gone electric.

The problem, of course, is that there isn’t enough electricity to meet their demands.

As the Journal reports, “Frackers are devouring nearly as much electricity as four Seattles every day – and they are clamoring for more.”

Like many companies, Diamondback has made a goal of reducing their carbon emissions. To do so, they have transferred many of their processes to an electric version. But they keep running out of electricity now, using up way too much in too short of a time span.

And as oil production just keeps increasing, so does the demand for more electricity.

In fact, as the Journal reported, Diamondback has had to set up its own power network. But it’s still not enough. Not nearly enough.

As analyst Curtis Smith says, if these oil companies want to meet their “emissions targets, they will need to receive grid-provided power more than three times the amount New York City uses in a day by 2032.” And there are major doubts about that being possible.

Electricity is having a hard time supplying energy to even the most basic uses in some areas because, let’s face it, the power grid was not designed to run everything. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to major and rather massive operations like oil drilling, the grid just can’t keep up.

Of course, the whole thing in and of itself is rather ironic. I mean, these are oil companies. And they are trying to go green. It’s a bit of an oxymoron if you ask me.