Cops Officially Back Trump

John Roman Images /
John Roman Images /

On February 6th, former President Donald Trump secured one of the more crucial endorsements for 2024, the one from the International Union of Police Associations (IUPA). Announced via press release from IUPA President Sam Cabral, “President Trump’s history of support for the men and women of Law Enforcement is unmatched. His policies and actions were directed at improving safety in our communities and the men and women who provide that shield.”

The press release also detailed why Democrats were such failures for law enforcement. “Much of the Democrat’s doctrine supports defunding the police; favors sanctuary cities, open borders, and reduced accountability for criminal behavior. The tragic result is apparent in those cities who have embraced these policies — the unfortunate forced businesses closures and plight that followed. Roving gangs are terrorizing retail businesses, raiding them with absolute impunity, akin to a thousand year past — regressive rather than their own progressive ideology. They have not dealt with the consequences of their own failed strategies, while we have all suffered.”

While this might sound more like a pledge against the left than an endorsement of Trump, the fact that they are the first ones to throw their support behind Trump should say a lot. Much like in 2020, the National Fraternal Order of Police and the National Association of Police Organizations should also be joining the IUPA shortly. Their later endorsements should help push Trump over the hill and into the White House.

For the Republican party, endorsements like these are key. As the party who understands that defunding the police is the way to increase crime, conservatives have taken a warmer and more welcoming approach to our boys in blue. Then again, conservatives also understand that knowing your rights, calling the lawyer, and being calm works out a lot better than running your mouth, trying to fight, or dashing away.