Swing State Passes Constitutional Carry, Now Sees Drastic Decrease in Gun Crime

Reed Means / shutterstock.com
Reed Means / shutterstock.com

It has become clear over the past few decades that the political left would like to strip you of your Second Amendment rights. Why? Well, they claim more guns in the hands of the people equals more violence.

However, a recent study conducted in a swing state proves exactly the opposite.

If you weren’t aware, Ohio implemented a constitutional carry law that went into effect in June 2022. Basically, this means that anyone who can legally own a firearm in the state can also carry one in public without a permit.

Naturally, those on the left-leaning side of the aisle, including a number of big city mayors in the state, weren’t exactly pleased about the new law. And some even claimed that it caused more crime in their cities.

So Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost decided the best course of action was to conduct a study to see if that was actually true. Partnering with Bowling Green State University, the Center for Justice Research analyzed “data spanning from June 2021 to June 2023 – a year before and a year after the law took effect.” It focused on crimes involving guns, the number of police officers hit by gunshots, and verified gunshot-detection alerts.

What they found was that crime had actually gone down across the board, not only in all eight of the largest Ohio cities overall but in six of them individually as well, according to a January 3 news release.

“The study showed significant decreases in the number of crimes involving firearms in Akron, Columbus and Toledo, and across all eight cities combined.”

For Parma, the gun crimes dropped a whopping 22 percent. For all eight cities across the board, gun crimes dropped by eight percent.

Whether you are looking at individual cities or the state as a whole, it seems that the law is helping to reduce gun crimes.

As Yost said, the “takeaway” here is that “we have to keep pressure on the criminals who shoot people, rather than Ohioans who responsibly exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

Cities like Chicago and Philadelphia should take note…