AOC Loses the Opening of Her Green New Deal Town Hall

Steve Sanchez Photos /
Steve Sanchez Photos /

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) found herself back peddling from her constituents at the end of February. While hosting a Town Hall to boast about the Green New Deal, she lost control of the situation. Confronted by the Republican challenging for her US House seat, she was taken aback by the confrontation.

“My name is Jonathan David Rinaldi, and I’m running for Congress against AOC. The Green New Deal is a scam,” he proclaimed. “They’re giving the NYCHA apartments away, they’re giving illegal aliens $10,000 a day…I want you to debate me AOC, debate me.” As her goons descended on him, another man stood up.

The second man yelled, “You haven’t said one word about violent Venezuelan migrants, illegals. You don’t care; all you care about is illegal aliens and their votes. You don’t care about your constituents. That’s all you care about. You’re a disgrace.”

As Rinaldi was approached by security, AOC flashed her condescending trademark smirk and finally responded to a claim she was representing the illegals. She said that it was obvious she didn’t represent the illegals since she was elected to Congress, and he needed to get out.

Trying to get the crowd back, she got on her soapbox about immigration, just like Rinaldi said. A message rife with proclamations that every American is linked to being an immigrant, indigenous, or enslaved people, she’s minimizing the situation with broad statements. What she and the rest of her cronies refuse to comprehend is that while we all come from various backgrounds, times have changed.

Laws have advanced, and the US still has some of the weakest immigration policies across the globe. We also do a horrible job of enforcing the few laws we do have. Her statements about making a pathway to citizenship insinuate that we don’t have a path already set up. Could it be done faster? Sure. Only if AOC and the other liberals agree to better fund our Border Patrol and Customs departments so wannabe immigrants can be vetted and permitted to come with fewer roadblocks.

For those in attendance, they didn’t miss much from AOC about going green. Instead, this forced everyone to learn more about the immigration crisis AOC and Mayor Eric Adams keep right at their front door.