Biden’s Unbelievable Illegal Vote-Buying Gimmick Exposed


In an audacious display of political maneuvering, Biden’s administration seems more than ready to tango with constitutional boundaries if it means racking up the votes. The administration is finding new ways to ramp up its voter mobilization campaign before the November elections.

Vice President Kamala Harris, in a grand reveal, outlined what they’re calling a “four-part strategy.” This grand plan essentially boils down to using the vast apparatus of the federal government to boost voter turnout for Biden.  This latest endeavor has some election integrity pundits raising eyebrows and crying foul over potential legal breaches.

Harris disclosed the strategy’s first act: a sweeping directive for every federal agency under the sun to ensure that Americans are bombarded with all the info they need to vote when their time comes. This revelation was made just before Harris attended a “secretive meeting” at the White House with an assembly of progressive voting enthusiasts.

The sense of urgency from the administration is palpable, with recent actions by the U.S. Department of Education and other agencies hinting at a desperate scramble to mobilize a demographic that traditionally leans left, just in time for the presidential showdown in November. This fervor to activate what’s affectionately been dubbed “Bidenbucks” — leveraging federal resources to woo likely Democratic voters — is seen by some as a bold interpretation of President Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14019.

The order was signed with a flourish not long after Biden settled into the Oval Office and essentially conscripts federal agencies into the voter registration and turnout crusade under the guise of White House-approved “nonpartisan” efforts.

But who’s counting the constitutional question marks, right? Certainly not Team Biden, as they merrily skip along the blurry line between executive authority and overreach.

Ah, the joy of seeing your tax dollars hard at work! Under this four-pronged master plan, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is gleefully taking on the role of a political spammer, bombarding everyone who signs up for the Affordable Care Act with emails on registering to vote. Harris was practically giddy as she noted this operation targets a cool 21 million potential voters, with the first batch of emails already flying out of the virtual post office last Friday.

Not to be left out, the Social Security Administration’s vast network of offices will now double as billboards for, ensuring that no corner of this great nation is left unadorned with voting propaganda. Even the serene expanses of national parks will whisper gentle reminders to vote.

The strategy also wades into the fertile grounds of high schools and colleges, enlisting students as the newest foot soldiers in the crusade for electoral participation. Through the Federal Work-Study program, students will now get paid to dip their toes into the electoral process, whether by registering voters or moonlighting as “nonpartisan” poll workers.

Harris spun this latest move as a noble endeavor to engage young leaders and address the supposed exodus of poll workers — a phenomenon she insinuates is fueled by the shadowy menace of “election deniers.”

And just when you think it can’t get worse, the Department of Education wades in with a memo that reveals a newfound flexibility in interpreting Federal Work-Study funds. Suddenly, what was once a no-go zone for political activities is now a green light for get-out-the-vote efforts, as long as one squints hard enough at the regulations.

Amid the fanfare, skeptics like Sofia De Vito from the Foundation for Government Accountability warn that this is nothing short of a taxpayer-funded scheme to deploy an army of college students as partisan operatives aimed squarely at Democratic strongholds.

The administration’s legal acrobatics have not gone unnoticed, with constitutional law experts like Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation calling it illegal. According to von Spakovsky, this whole affair flunks the legal smell test, violating the Antideficiency Act by spending federal dollars in ways Congress never intended.

Don’t hold your breath for accountability in the grand tradition of political shenanigans. With the Department of Justice at the helm of enforcement and showing little appetite for reining in these endeavors, it appears the Biden administration’s electoral gambit will roll on unimpeded, constitutionality be damned.

As the administration veers into uncharted territories of federal involvement in electioneering, critics and constitutional purists alike can only watch in bemused horror (or amusement, depending on one’s political persuasion) as the saga unfolds, marking yet another chapter in the ever-entertaining drama of American politics.