Planet Fitness Now On the List of Businesses Damaged by Woke Policies 

Jonathan Weiss /
Jonathan Weiss /

Shortly after Planet Fitness canceled the membership of a woman in Alaska for taking pictures of a transgender woman shaving in the women’s locker room, the fitness chain experienced the impact of its inclusive policies. The company’s valuation dropped by $400 million, from $5.3 billion to $4.9 billion, and it’s facing additional boycotts. 

The transgender woman’s presence in the locker room not only creeped out Patricia Silva, but it also made a twelve-year-old girl in the room equally uncomfortable. Planet Fitness canceled Silva’s membership after she took videos of the person in the locker room, claiming a policy violation. 

The incident grabbed the attention of Libs of TikTok, a conservative account on X. On Tuesday, the account proudly updated its followers on the gym’s drop in revenue. “Whoa. Planet Fitness saw $400 Million wiped off its value since we broke the story of them allowing men in female locker rooms and then banning the woman who exposed it.” 

Following the incident, Planet Fitness faced increased criticism from conservative groups. The situation escalated, drawing comments from public figures, including Elon Musk, who posted that Planet Fitness sounded like a “creepy” place. 

McCall Gosselin, the chief corporate affairs officer at Planet Fitness, explained the company’s stance on gender identity, emphasizing the gym’s dedication to fostering a welcoming space, which aligns with their “Judgement Free Zone” motto and philosophy. The policy allows members and guests to use facilities corresponding to their affirmed gender identity rather than their biological one. Gosselin also pointed out that Silva, who took photos in the locker room, breached the gym’s policy against mobile device usage in that area, leading to the cancellation of her membership. 

Planet Fitness has joined the ranks of many other corporations in embracing woke ideology and principles. Various companies have come under fire for their endorsement of gender identity policies in recent times.  

Nike and Bud Light faced criticism for featuring transgender influencers in their advertising campaigns. Pantene, Gillette, Citi, and Adidas all weathered negative publicity for hiring transgender actors. 

In 2016, Target unveiled a policy permitting transgender customers to use the restroom, aligning with their gender identity. This decision prompted a widespread boycott by those who were concerned that the policy posed a risk to women and children. The boycott adversely affected Target’s public image and was cited as contributing to a decline in the company’s stock value during that period. 

Many of these companies have had to reverse course to re-establish their reputations, notably Bud Light. After facing severe and unexpected consequences from their campaign featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light witnessed a notable decline in sales. In response to the controversy and ensuing boycott, Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, adjusted its marketing strategy. They shifted their focus towards sports and music in their campaigns and appointed senior executives to oversee these sectors. This new strategy aimed to stabilize the brand’s reputation and sales following the incident. 

Despite the initial setback, there are signs of potential recovery in Bud Light’s sales. Surveys indicate a decrease in the percentage of consumers expressing strong reluctance to purchase Bud Light in the months following the backlash. Moreover, the company’s overall revenue increased by 7.2% in the second quarter compared to the previous year, proving that the general public does not welcome woke policies. 

It’s not Planet Fitness’ first time in this rodeo, though, indicating that the gym has yet to learn its lesson.
In a 2022 incident at Planet Fitness in Monroe, Georgia, a man exposed himself to a 15-year-old girl in the women’s locker room. Jakorbie Dixon, 25, of Conyers, was subsequently arrested and faced multiple warrants for public indecency. A lawsuit was filed against Planet Fitness by the teen’s family, claiming that the fitness chain was aware of Dixon’s behavior before the incident occurred. That incident followed closely on the heels of a separate one that involved a man exposing himself inside a women’s locker room in front of a child. 

It’s unclear at what point corporations will be forced to accept that “woke means broke,” but in the meantime, boycotts seem to be getting the message across loud and clear. Planet Fitness, despite your “Judgement Free Zone,” America is judging you.