Anti-Trump Judge Hit with Complaint After CNN Appearance

Sebastian Duda /
Sebastian Duda /

As we all know, the political left is using lawfare against former President Donald Trump, undoubtedly in an attempt to keep him from regaining the White House. But as one former Supreme Court clerk recently made clear, two can play that game…

Enter Michael Davis.

Now an activist and head of the conservative legal group the Article III Project, Davis is taking the fight to the Democrats who continue to harass and hound Trump at every opportunity. And he’s starting with DC District Judge Reggie Walton.

If you haven’t heard, Walton is an avid anti-Trump judge who recently announced his support of a gag order imposed on Trump by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, who’s been tasked with overseeing Trump’s Manhattan trial for supposedly falsifying business records.

Now, to be clear, the problem is not that Walton supports the gag order. Instead, it’s that he went to CNN to talk about it and pretty much attack Trump in a very public way.

Following Merchan’s gag order, Trump, as he is prone to do, went on a bit of a social media rant, making it clear that he wasn’t thrilled with Merchan’s ruling. Furthermore, he accused the judge, along with his daughter, of partisanship.

Merhcan’s daughter is a known liberal activist, and a partner is Authentic Campaigns, “a progressive political consulting firm.” Merchan himself has admitted to donating to Joe Biden’s campaign.

Walton now claims that Trump’s words about Merchan, a sitting judge, and his daughter were threatening.

Why? Because Trump happened to notice the political ties of a judge who is supposed to be impartial?

But I digress…

In any case, Davis says that Walton, as another sitting judge, has no right to make such statements, especially on air.

“Judge Walton’s highly inappropriate, pre-planned, highly prejudicial, political CNN interview will cause the federal judiciary to lose its legitimacy with a broad swath of the American people.” As such, Davis’s complaint demands that action be taken to condemn Walton’s words.

Now, this complaint may not go very far. But it proves that lawfare can work both ways. And if the Democrats aren’t willing to stop on their part, perhaps the right should take a page from their book…