The Squatting TikToker Has Been Outed as a Venezuelan Spy


An illegal alien from Venezuela whose TikTok videos went viral has been arrested by ICE, and they are not letting him out of jail this time. Leonard Moreno caught the attention of authorities by posting videos that explain how to move into an unoccupied home and then claim “squatter’s rights.” What we have not been told, however, is that Leonard Moreno is not some smarmy, random young illegal alien who has figured out how to game the system here in America. Leonard Moreno appears to be a spy.

The online community has been trying to figure out who Moreno really is, and it appears they’ve found him. It turns out that Moreno is not a 21-year-old but is actually 27. He’s also known as Sergeant Leonard Moreno of Venezuela’s Department of Military Intelligence when he’s on duty in his home country.

Moreno was first caught illegally crossing our southern border back in 2022. Instead of taking him into custody, the Biden regime listed him in its “alternatives to detention” program so he was free to just wander around the country. He was given 60 days to report to an ICE detention and removal facility, but guess what? He never showed.

It has not been definitely confirmed that Moreno is a Venezuelan spy, but it does seem odd that ICE has detained him now and is not letting him go. Under Joe Biden’s failed leadership, three illegal aliens have gotten off scot-free after carrying firearms on US soil, killing a police officer, and shooting a transgender prostitute in her penis. If they’re keeping this guy in custody, that’s sort of an admission that there is something seriously wrong with him.

Here’s a tweet that Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) sent out about Moreno last month: