Illegal Aliens Besiege Seattle Park, Demand Full Welfare-for-Life

Sean Pavone /
Sean Pavone /

Seattle’s city government has been bankrupted by Joe Biden’s treasonous open border policies. The sanctuary city no longer has any available funds to pay for services for Biden’s horde of invaders. Money just ran out to keep hundreds of fighting-aged male warriors housed in local hotels, so the illegals have now besieged a city park and say they’re not leaving until their demands are met. Their demands, of course, are cradle-to-grave welfare to meet their every need. In exchange, Seattle will be enriched with more diversity, until eventually the city is completely destroyed.

The warriors encamped at Powell Bennett Park in Seattle all hail from three countries—Venezuela, Congo, and Angola. None of the news reports about this catastrophe mention it, but the horde of illegals in this park outnumbers the Seattle police force. Thanks to efforts to defund the police and destroy their morale, the city’s number of cops has dwindled to just 425 as of April 2023.

“We are waiting for help,” said a 22-year-old invader from Angola who has never contributed to American society. “We don’t want to keep moving every month. It’s hard.”

Says the convict who traveled 9,000 miles to break our laws.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that this mass invasion will destroy much of America as we know it unless drastic measures are taken. Cities and civilizations have always been destroyed when their leaders’ fake compassion for “refugees” allows too many of them in.

Here’s just one example.

Once upon a time, there was a great civilization called the Roman Empire, which spanned most of Europe and North Africa. One day in 376 AD, 100,000 Gothic refugees showed up on the banks of the Danube River. Rome had strict immigration laws at the time. The refugees begged the emperor to let them in because they were being persecuted by another group of foreigners called the Huns.

There was no upside for the people of Rome to allow these refugees into their country. They were a horde of fighting-aged male warriors. But the emperor decided, out of self-interest, that he would benefit from letting them in. He could make them into soldiers for himself, thus expanding his own political power.

Stop us if any of this sounds familiar.

The emperor feigned compassion for the Goths and allowed them in. Unfortunately for the Roman people, the Goths had no intention of learning Latin or assimilating into Roman culture. Before long, the Gothic refugees were dissatisfied with the amount of welfare benefits that they were receiving. They sacked multiple Roman cities since most of Rome’s soldiers were off fighting pointless forever wars in faraway lands.

Within a decade or so, Rome had lost multiple territories to the Goths, who were increasingly using violence to expand their own political power inside Rome’s borders. Within a century of that emperor’s fateful decision to let the refugees in, the most powerful empire on earth had been destroyed.

You can visit tourist sites all over Europe today and see the evidence of Rome’s little experiment with mass immigration. Those sites are called “ruins.”

The end.

History is filled with examples like this. Mass immigration always results in war within the host nation’s border. Just ask Spain, where the people were forced to live under the tender mercies of Islamic rule for more than 700 years because of their compassion for “refugees.”

If mass deportation efforts are not underway soon, American cities will be destroyed by these “refugees” within a decade. The horde of invaders who have taken over the park in Seattle has drawn a line in the sand. The question is whether Americans will have the courage and fortitude to do what is necessary to save our own country—or whether the ruins of Seattle, Chicago, Denver, New York, and other cities will be visited by tourists in the future, wondering what could have destroyed such a once-great civilization.