Concealed Carrying Amazon Driver in Cleveland Stops Would-Be Thief

The drivers Amazon is known for employing are a mixed bag, but most generally care about their customers and the safety of their packages. As first reported by WKYC in Cleveland, OH, one driver takes that responsibility to another level.

Around 4:30 pm, near the intersection of West 48th Street and Franklin Boulevard, a shooting was reported. As investigators later pieced together, an Amazon delivery driver had been working the area and was approached by the deceased, who demanded the truck. A struggle ensued, with the would-be thief shot by the driver. Dying as he attempted to escape in the vehicle he was willing to give his life to have, he didn’t get far.

Later identified by the medical examiner as 17-year-old Alquin Wells, no history has been made available regarding his rap sheet. So far, authorities are also not identifying the Amazon driver, nor are they discussing any potential charges. This kind of secrecy isn’t anything new for the city, but it is certainly new for Amazon.

Given the level of thefts occurring in major cities like Cleveland these days, it was a smart idea to be carrying while out delivering. While Amazon’s corporate heads might not like the idea, these drivers are out there risking their lives. Criminals are stealing packages and vehicles at gunpoint daily.

Being armed when you deliver for Amazon, DoorDash, or even the local pizzeria is just smart business. You have things criminals love to take, and they won’t hesitate to get violent for them these days. Then again, maybe this is why everyone should be carrying. Criminals tend to be less aggressive when they know someone might be armed. Instead, they move on to a soft target.