Putin Set to Defeat Ukraine Within Months, Dealing Stinging Blow to Biden Before the Election

Aynur Mammadov / shutterstock.com
Aynur Mammadov / shutterstock.com

You won’t see it reported anywhere in the American media, but Russia has now begun a massive spring offensive that could bring Joe Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine to an end by September. This will be an even more devastating foreign policy defeat for Joe Biden than his surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban in 2021, or his surrender of central Africa to a military junta last month. Russian President Vladimir Putin has every reason to bring the war to an end before the upcoming 2024 election in America.

Russia launched a surprise attack on the Kharkiv region of Ukraine on Friday, May 10th. Troops poured across Ukraine’s northeastern border with Russia and quickly overwhelmed multiple towns in the region, sending Ukrainian soldiers fleeing for their lives. The towns of Luk’yantsi and Vovchans’k are both confirmed to have fallen under Russian control after the Ukrainian retreat. At least seven additional villages quickly fell to the Russian attack.

A Ukrainian military spokesperson says the embarrassing retreat was necessary to avoid a bloodbath at the hands of the Russians. Because the average age of a conscripted Ukrainian soldier is now 50, that’s probably true. Russia still hasn’t even committed any of its frontline troops to the war in Ukraine, preferring instead to send in its militias from Chechnya and other provinces.

Following this latest attack, the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv is now surrounded to the north and the east by Russian troops. If Kharkiv falls sometime in June, it opens a pathway to the west for Russia to surround and capture the capital city of Kiev by September. Joe Biden will then have to justify the hundreds of billions of dollars that he (and Congress) have dumped into this futile and unnecessary war that has caused the deaths of at least 500,000 young Ukrainian men.

If you’ve been paying attention the whole time, you’ve probably noted that the United States is not ready for a direct conflict with Russia. During all the years that America was fruitlessly dumping trillions of dollars into Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia and China were just sitting there watching and learning. The tactics and strategies that worked to pummel the Taliban and Saddam Hussein’s army will be pointless against a nation like Russia that has massive industrial capacity, not to mention a nation that is already on wartime footing.

No one wants to hear this, but it needs to be said. Joe Biden has crippled the American military through pay cuts and diversity training. If we were to become involved in a direct war with Russia or China (or maybe even Iran) at this point in our history, we would lose. Our aircraft carriers would be at the bottom of the ocean, and thousands of US troops would die within the first 24 hours of any major conflict.

Putin, however, sees the writing on the wall. If he can wrap this war up before our November election, he can negotiate the terms of peace from a position of strength as the victor. If he doesn’t accomplish a total victory over Ukraine and Donald Trump ends up back in office, he may find himself having to grant concessions to Ukraine despite being the victor. He has every reason to wrap this war up before next January.

Consider the fact that Putin was able to carry out a sneak attack in the Kharkiv region that involved several brigades of troops. Why didn’t the CIA or the Pentagon see an invasion from a massive force that size coming? Maybe putting all of the US military and intelligence community’s efforts into diversity and drag shows wasn’t such a good idea.