14 Blue States Want to FORCE Companies to Sell Trans Apparel to Kids

AF Branco / Creators.com
AF Branco / Creators.com

The Attorneys General from 14 blue states, plus the AG from the District of Columbia, are now threatening to sue Target for not selling transgender swimwear and other Pride gear to little kids. Led by Minnesota’s jihadi Attorney General Keith Ellison, the AGs are claiming that Target is committing “violence” against transgender people by not selling the proper merchandise. If they’re successful, this will set a startling new precedent here in America. Store owners will be forced to sell trans merchandise—whether they want to or not—under the new state religion of gayness.

The marketing department at Target was watching closely back in April when Bud Light’s value imploded to the tune of billions of dollars. This was in response to Bud Light partnering with a man who makes a mockery of women, whose name is Dylan Mulvaney.

Someone at Target watched all that unfold and thought, “Brilliant! We should tranny up our stores! Put trans swimsuits for toddlers right up in the front, so it gets shoved down the throats of every hick who walks in! And then… profit!”

Here we are a couple of months later, and Bud Light, Target, and Kohl’s (which also jumped on the bandwagon) have lost a combined $30 billion in market cap. Americans have been boycotting the companies en masse, and don’t look like they’ll be letting up anytime soon.

To his credit, the CEO of Target tried to undo some of the damage that was no doubt done to the company by the liberal white women in the marketing department. He moved the tranny toddler merch from the front of several stores to the back in the southern US in an act of appeasement after that stupid decision created the obvious result that everyone but him saw coming.

Now, Target is getting hit from the other direction, and it’s kind of funny in a terrifying way. Keith Ellison and Massachusetts AG Andrea Joy Campbell wrote to the Target CEO that they are concerned over the “choice to pull Pride merchandise” from store shelves.

They told CEO Brian Cornell that his decision to correct a problem that was costing his company billions of dollars “demonstrates that intentional violence and intimidation can set back the march for social progress and LGBTQIA+ equality which as we have noted is already under intense attack nationwide.”

Did you catch that? It is “intentional violence” to not sell a product that a store does not want to sell.

The rest of the Attorneys General who signed the threatening letter was from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

Ellison wrote that the Target CEO’s decision was part of an “increasing number of politically motivated attacks over the past two years against the LGBTQ+ community.”

You are attacking the trans community and committing intentional violence against them if you don’t do what liberal Attorneys General say, in other words. Stores must sell what we order them to sell, whether their customers are interested in purchasing said merchandise or not.

Does anyone on the left see what’s going to happen here eventually? Hey, gay community. Here’s what’s going to happen eventually if you keep coming after the kids. Gay marriage is going to be repealed, and you are all going to have to go back in the closet. That is the most moderate and peaceful offer you’re likely to get. You should have left the kids alone, weirdoes!