Confidential Biden Memo Shows Trans Soldiers Not Required to Do Any Work or Meet Any Fitness Standards

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A Department of Defense (DOD) memorandum has been uncovered that goes into excruciating detail on how the military under Joe Biden is to provide “care of service members who identify as transgender.”

The Biden regime really, REALLY likes transgenders to the point where the fascination becomes weird. Whereas the Trump administration, which was legitimately elected, banned transgenders from the military, the unelected Biden regime has embraced these mentally ill weirdoes as the norm for the formerly honorable US military.

The Pentagon memo outlining the special rules and conditions that transgenders are allowed in the military is not a classified document. It’s a public document, but the Biden regime has basically been hiding it from the public because they know that it is insane, offensive, and catastrophically dangerous to recruitment goals. Under Joe Biden’s America Last agenda, transgender military members basically never have to do any work, and they do not have to meet any of the standard physical fitness metrics that normal, mentally healthy soldiers have to meet.

This will probably make you throw up in the back of your mouth just a little bit.

Within moments of his fake “inauguration” after the 2020 election was stolen, the imposter in the White House rescinded President Trump’s ban on mentally ill transgenders serving in the great institutions of the US military. It’s trannies all the time in all areas of life with the communist Biden regime. Accept trannies everywhere and especially in the presence of your children, you MAGA bigots! If you do not allow a mentally ill transgender “woman” to rub her testicles on your child at the library, you are a bigot who must be excluded from polite society, according to Joe Biden.

The following policies of Joe Biden are currently in effect in the US military. The policies – and their costs to US taxpayers – are here:

  • Speech/voice therapy – $75 per hour
  • Cross-sex hormones – $2,410 per person per year
  • Laser hair removal – $249 per session
  • Voice feminization surgery – $9,000 or more
  • Facial contouring – Starts at $1,000 or more
  • Body contouring – $4,200
  • Breast/chest surgery – $6,000 to $10,000
  • Genital mutilation surgery – $25,000
  • Psychological counseling – $250 per hour

Not including the hourly rates for the counseling and other services, that’s more than $51,000 in taxpayer money that Joe Biden is willing to pay to staple plastic boobs on a man before cutting out a piece of his colon to use to fashion him a fake va-jay-jay after chopping off his ween and his nads.

That’s an American “soldier” in the minds of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Hey, does anyone have any suspicions about why the average corn-fed Iowa boy is no longer enlisting in the US military? Asking for a friend.

Not that they have to do any work. The memo states that “Service members who identify as transgender may receive a waiver for grooming and uniform standards.”

Just show up. Whatever.

Transgender servicemembers can also receive an indefinite waiver from ever having to meet any physical fitness standards. Forever. Joe Biden, the senile dementia potato who is constantly challenging his own voters to pushup contests, does not care if fat, disgusting sex perverts in the US military can do a single pushup. Just whatever. Just show up. You don’t have to do any work if you’re a tranny.

Transgenders in the military are also considered “non-deployable” by Joe Biden, so long as it is within 300 days of taking cross-hormonal drugs. Since cross-hormonal drugs must be taken for life—because you cannot change your biological sex just by wishing it—this rule means that transgenders can basically never get deployed to an overseas station and cannot be sent to war.

What’s the point of having these mentally ill sex offenders in the military again?