Kim Jong Un and Putin Get Chatty About Weapons


We have to be careful when leaders of two countries get together – especially when they are not friendly with the United States. And when those two countries are known to be war-mongering on their own.

It seems that North Korea and Russia may be joining forces. The two have always been quite friendly, but now Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are meeting to discuss weapons.

Considering the war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on, one of the two countries will need to take things to the next level to win and put things to rest once and for all. Since Ukraine has managed to stave Russia off this long, it seems that the country may need some additional weapons.

In comes North Korea, offering to provide Moscow with more weapons.

Where the talks are expected to happen is anyone’s guess – but Kim Jong Un will be traveling to Russia later this month to have the discussion.

The White House has only shared that there are “actively advancing” negotiations between the two countries. John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesman, has said that Russia’s Defense Minister is trying to “convince Pyongyang to sell artillery ammunition.”

This means that we have a few serious questions to ask.

First, how troubling would a Kim Jong Un-Putin alliance be?

And second, what missiles has North Korea been testing recently?

Considering that there have been quite a few ballistic missiles being tested by North Korea in recent months, there’s no telling what catastrophic results they could have if they get handed over to Putin.

South Korea has offered its own intelligence service briefing. They have even suggested that Russia, North Korea, and China will be holding joint naval drills – similar to how the US, Japan, and South Korea hold joint drills.

If North Korea supplies to Russia, there’s also the possibility that Russia will supply to North Korea at a later time – and this could prove to be problematic.

Of course, right now, both Moscow and Pyongyang are denying any kind of arms alliance.

It’s a wait-and-see kind of moment, but the fact that the two leaders are meeting to even discuss weapons could be dangerous not only for Ukraine but for the entire world.