Misery Index: 85% of New Yorkers Say Food Costs Rising Faster Than Paychecks

PERO studio / shutterstock.com
PERO studio / shutterstock.com

If you’re feeling extra miserable about the economy these days, you’re not alone. The corruption and incompetence of the Biden regime—and most Members of Congress—continue to drive inflation higher for food and fuel. The people in charge continue to ignore the cries of the American people whose quality of life has measurably degraded since Joe Biden was installed in the White House. A new poll released shows that 85% of New Yorkers now say that the cost of food is rising faster than their paychecks.

The poll results were released on Tuesday by No Kid Hungry New York. The poll shows that people are miserable, and it is entirely Joe Biden’s fault. Nearly half of New Yorkers—47%–say they have a “much harder” time finding affordable food compared to just a year ago.

Many people have also had to alter their shopping habits because of Bidenflation. 51 percent of New Yorkers say they now drive to less convenient grocery stores just to find more affordable food. About 26% of people say they spend at least 30 minutes every week looking for coupons and discounts on food.

In a truly grim finding, more than half of New Yorkers have now cut meat out of their diets just to be able to afford to put food on the table. Just under half of those surveyed say they now buy less fresh produce, or none at all. Shoppers also report buying more filler foods such as rice, just to make what little meat and produce they can afford to stretch further.

Rachel Sabella, the Director of No Kid Hungry New York, says, “It doesn’t matter if they make $30,000 or $100,000. This is something felt by New Yorkers of all incomes.”

Basic goods like poultry, fish, eggs, and cereal have all increased by 25% under Joe Biden’s watchful eye. Butter is up 27%, bread is up 30%, and sugar is up 44%. Fruits and vegetables have increased by 16%, making it harder for families to provide their children with adequate daily nutrients. The cost of some grocery items has doubled since the 2020 election was stolen.

School-aged children in rural parts of New York are suffering the most because of Bidenflation. An astonishing 87% of parents in those areas say their incomes haven’t been able to keep up with the staggering costs of groceries.

Joe Biden, for his part, could care less about the suffering and misery that he’s caused for the American people. Mr. Pants-on-Fire continues to claim that he has built the greatest economy that the country has seen in the last 50 years. To paraphrase his reelection campaign, you worthless Americans are just too stupid to see how great the economy is under Joe Biden.

Everyone sees through these lies. Most Americans’ paychecks have only increased by about 1% per year for the past three miserable years. Many freelancers and independent contractors have had it even worse. Their incomes have seen three straight years of declines, even as the Biden regime has raised their taxes.

There is currently no end in sight for Joe Biden’s inflationary policies, and no plan to do anything about it. Congress just passed a $91 billion foreign aid package for three other countries, while Americans can no longer afford groceries. Most of the “job creation” that Joe Biden keeps bragging about has been part-time, unskilled jobs that have been given to illegal aliens.

If this is what a “great” economy is supposed to look like, could we please have President Donald Trump’s “bad” economy back?