Newsom Announces “Caretaker” for Feinstein’s Position

Rob Crandall /
Rob Crandall /

It seems Dianne Feinstein is officially on her way out…

As you may know, the ailing California senator has been struggling with several health issues for a while now, often requiring her to spend weeks at a time out of her office and “off” work. Naturally, this means that the brunt of the demands of her office is either not being handled or being tackled by staff members whose job it is not.

Such complications have caused quite a few, even in her own party and caucus, to call for her resignation. And it seems California Governor Gavin Newsom is leaning more and more in that direction.

On Sunday, he announced that he is considering appointing an interim replacement for Feinstein’s term, ending in 2024, when she said she would officially retire.

To be sure, this is likely one of Newsom’s better decisions in the last few years of his tenure.

However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t receiving a good bit of blowback from it – particularly from those who thought they might have been able to weasel their way into a permanent Senate seat on the sly.

As I mentioned, Feinstein has already announced this will be her last term. Therefore, primaries for her 2024 replacement are already underway, mere months before the first votes are cast.

To replace Feinstein now rather than later, Newsom has two choices: He could appoint an interim senator, someone who will simply take her place until the people choose a permanent Senator in 2024. Or he could select a permanent replacement, who would supposedly serve the rest of Feinstein’s term plus their own duration.

Those such as Representative Barbara Lee, who is running for Feinstein’s seat, think the latter is best, giving them more time in office and not really having to be elected. And seeing as how Lee is lacking in the polls, her chances of actually winning are slim.

And now that Newsom has decided to go the interim route, the chances of her getting that seat are even less – and she’s not happy about it.