As Bidenomics Fails Gen Z, They Turn to Donald Trump to Fix America


Both Generation Z and millennials are abandoning the Democrat Party after Joe Biden spent the last three years deliberately destroying the American economy. “Bidenomics” has failed the younger generations in ways no one anticipated. Most of us expected things to get worse with the unelected Biden regime in charge, but this? A majority of people under 40 now anticipate never being able to own a home in America if things continue on the same track. For the first time in the history of polling, young voters are turning to the Republican candidate for president to get them out of this mess.

You probably saw the media breathlessly reporting last week about Mr. Job Creator Joe Biden adding 303,000 NEW JOBS to the US economy. What those reports failed to mention was that the vast majority of those jobs were crummy part-time jobs that mostly went to illegal aliens, thus crushing American wages even further. Almost none of the jobs were good-paying full-time jobs. Our leaders hate the American people so much that they continue to flood the country with unskilled labor to continue driving our wages down.

GenZ (age 27 and under) is feeling the pain of this the most right now. They’re graduating from college and discovering that they need two or three crummy part-time jobs just to afford their bloated rent under Joe Biden. Prices have outpaced wages so badly under Joe Biden that the thought of getting married and having children has become an impossible-to-achieve dream for these young Americans. Forget about buying a home or saving for “retirement.” The average rent in America hit $1,957 in December.

Young voters tend to lean very liberal since they’ve just spent 16 years being indoctrinated in communism by the public schools and university systems. That’s not happening in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election.

The latest Gallup poll compared voters in 2024 to voters in 2020 and found that the economy is the number one concern in every age bracket. The largest shift, however, was among GenZ.

In 2020, only 11% of young voters cited the economy as their top concern. In 2024, the number is 47%, a 36% swing. Among millennials (aged 28 to 43) in 2020, only 18% were concerned about the economy. Today, it’s 43%.

Members of both the Republican and Democrat parties don’t seem to realize just how volatile the situation is, as they continue to welcome millions of legal and illegal foreigners into the country. More than half of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) graduates in the United States cannot find a STEM job. The best and brightest young Americans can’t find jobs in their chosen fields because our leaders have decided that Mark Zuckerberg needs cheap coders from India.

This is shameful and the younger generations are coming to realize just how badly they’ve been screwed by the double whammy of inflation and mass immigration. Last week, the news broke that many Democrat analysts are now advising their party to stop registering young people to vote. The once reliable bloc of young and gullible voters is now registering as Republicans because they’re planning to vote for Donald Trump. The situation is so bad that Democrat analysts are saying their party should stop get-out-the-vote drives in places where they traditionally register a lot of young voters.

We’re still seven months out from the 2024 election, so it’s hard to predict what will happen at this point. It seems clear that we are headed toward something unprecedented in American elections, as Donald Trump is driving a sea change among the electorate.